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10 Proofs that Your Life is Good

We all aim at achieving our life goals, at improving our life, at being happy. But, when are you happy? Here are 10 facts that prove that you are happy.

10 Proofs that Your Life is Good
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1. If you love.
If you know such a feeling you are happy already. Love is perhaps the most beautiful thing in the world. If you love and are loved than your life is good.

2. If you are healthy.
Here on this blog I have written many times that health is everything. If you have any health problems, despite all other goods and achievements you won’t feel your happiness. I know it already.

3. If you are financially free.
Or at least close to this state. Financial freedom gives you a chance to live to the fullest, it helps you to forget about the lack of money, about how to earn it etc. This freedom is hard to achieve but it’s worth it.

4. If you have true friends.
True friends are a rare thing nowadays, but if you know such people it is easier to live. They are reliable, they support you, you can always have an interesting talk with them etc.

5. If you realize your plans.
Every person needs a bit of self-realization. Everyone has their own plans, goals and if you are able to realize them, to achieve this goals then your life is really good.

6. If you like your job.
To achieve financial freedom you must work hard. Some people can do it at the job they do not like, but if you love your job, it makes your life easier and more colorful.

7. If you have offsprings.
Having your own children is a true happiness, seeing how they grow, get married, born their children, achieve something in life is for sure one of the most important things. If you have children you have already left a trace in this world.

8. If you have your own home.
Many people even those who are financially free can’t say that they have their home, especially some businessmen live here or there, move all the time. But having your own home, sweet and comfortable home is awesome. Living there all the time, watching how your children grow there, feeling all the happiness there is amazing.

9. If your conscience and mind live in harmony.
If after many years of your life you can call it conscientious, be sure you lived it to the fullest.

10. Life is good if you want it to be that way.
Remember, everything is in your hands. If you really want to change your life, to make it happier, to achieve something you must work on it.

Good luck & be happy!

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