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20 Fun Ways to Gift a Diamond

For growing number of young couples in the early years of marriage, the custom of giving a diamond Anniversary, Eternity or Alliance ring—the band of diamonds that says ‘my love runs out at the circle’s end’—is a symbol of love’s reaffirmation.

20 Fun Ways to Gift a Diamond
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It is a custom that is stronger and more powerful now than it has ever been. Most women still want a diamond. It’s the stone of choice for brides. They’re beautiful, precious, timeless, lasting and traditional. Diamonds…Their power and indomitable force came to be acknowledged as the perfect symbol of love. Diamond is considered a manifestation of the most important power on earth: the power of love.

The diamond symbolises love and appreciation and can be gifted in very imaginative and special ways. Throw away the velvet box.

1. Take your love out for a romantic dinner and pamper her to the hilt. Have an arrangement with the restaurant, so that when dessert is served, the diamond ring is used as part of the topping. Your lady love won’t be able to resist the diamond-encrusted offering!

2. Gift her a beautiful porcelain doll and place a gorgeous diamond bracelet around the doll’s hand. She might initially go ‘ga ga’ over the doll, but once her eyes settle on the bracelet she won’t be able to stop talking about it.

3. Gift your wife a book of poetry with some of the pages folded together. Hide a sparkling treasure inside those pages.

4. Before you leave for work leave a big wrapped box in the middle of the living room so that when your partner comes home, that’s the first thing she sees. When she opens the box she will find a smaller one with a special note or poem from you. The boxes will get progressively smaller and the last box will contain your diamond gift.

5. Take your wife for a long drive and ask her to get a cassette out of the glove compartment, when she opens it, the diamond ring will be lying there. Or you could ask her to take a particular cassette out and have the diamond ring in the cassette cover.

6. Propose to your girlfriend on your birthday. Say you don’t want to open your presents and would rather she did it. Make sure the first present she opens has the ring in it. You can pop the question once she has unwrapped the gift.

7. Tell your partner that you have taken a keen interest in music and you would like to put up a show for her. Your grand finale? Pulling out a diamond necklace out of your hat!

8. If you wish to make her work for the gift, try organizing a treasure hunt. Strew rose petals from the doorway to the bedroom so that the moment she enters the house, she will be entranced. Leave fun clues for her around the house, so that each time she solves a clue and reaches the destination she receives a small gift like perfumes, chocolates, etc—the beautiful diamond gift will be the spectacular prize at the end of the hunt.

9. Replace the bookmarks in her favourite book with a pair of earrings.

10. If she’s an animal lover bring home a little puppy or kitten. Tie the ring around the animal’s collar with a ribbon.

11. Buy your love a heart-shaped box of candy and replace one of the pieces with a diamond ring. When she opens it, she’ll be in for a nice chocolicious surprise!

12. When she’s not looking, slip a diamond bracelet onto her key chain. She might not notice the addition immediately, but it’s sure to guarantee a second look and a delightful shout!

13. Renew your wedding vows on your anniversary by gifting each other new diamond rings!

14. ‘Dress’ her favorite bottle of perfume with the solitaire ring.

15. Cook your wife a romantic dinner. Using a ribbon, tie a diamond ring to the stem of a champagne glass.

16. Express your love by giving your wife a foot massage. When you are almost done place the diamond on her little toe. This is one massage she won’t forget!

17. Place a diamond ring on the knob of the alarm clock….. What better way to start her day.

18. Give her the handbag she always wanted with a diamond ring inside it.

19. Replace your man’s old cufflinks with diamond-encrusted ones.

20. Surprise her by coming home a little early from work. Ask her to close her eyes, take her hand and slip on a diamond ring.

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