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25 ways to save your health at work

When trying to achieve our life goals we all work hard for it. We constantly think of our career and sometimes forget about the important things we have. Among these things there’s our health.

25 ways to save your health at work
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So, in order to stay healthy and go on working let’s check some tips that will help us to save our health.

1. Make a break when working at a computer. At least once per 30 minutes try to look somewhere else, but not at your display. If there’s such a possibility, try to read printed documents.

2. Do little exercises. Try to walk down and upstairs and avoid elevator if it’s possible. When working at a computer stand up from time to time, do not sit too long.

3. Avoid dust. Where’s dust there are bacterias. I’m not already talking about allergy and asthma.

4. Use a fixed phone. Try to avoid cell phones at work. Fixed phones are healthier for you. So, if you can, use them.

5. Give up snacks. But, if you can’t do it, try to eat at least fruits.

6. Drink juice instead of coffee. If you think that coffee is revitalizing, then you didn’t try a grapefruit or any other juice.

7. Choose a comfortable chair. It is especially important for those who work sitting all the time, i.e. for the majority of us.

8. Watch the temperature. When working you should feel comfortable. If it’s too cold or too hot, you won’t be able to concentrate on your work.

9. Go outside. Try to make some breaks going outside. You can even have a lunch outside, it will be very good for you.

10. Don’t eat too much. After eating too much you will be sleepy and your productivity will fall.

11. Take off your high heels. Use any possibility to take off your uncomfortable shoes.

12. Energy drinks – evil. Better drink a natural coffee than energy drinks. If you drink energy drinks constantly it may increase your pressure and a blood sugar level.

13. Be careful with air conditioning. Air conditioner makes an air dry, and this isn’t good for your skin and lungs.

14. Stay at home if you are ill. If you go on working when you are ill, it increases your chances to get ill soon again.

15. Ventilate a room. In winter you can do this during a lunch break, but in spring or summer you can keep your windows open all the time.

16. Workaholism – a disease. Your job is only a part of life but not its sense. Always remember it!

17. Keep calm. No problems at work are worth your health. A constant stress isn’t good for you.

18. Go on vacations. Do not postpone it or you’ll get too tired.

19. Forget about pills. If you have a headache try to find the reason for it. Perhaps, it’s too hot in the room or your display is too close to your eyes or maybe something else. Then after solving the problem have a little rest.

20. Wear natural clothes. It will be good for your body and skin.

21. Go in for sports. If you work constantly sitting at a table, you should do some exercises every day. They will help you to keep fit.

22. Find a hobby. It will help you to relax and to forget about your problems at work.

23. Smile. Smile to anybody. It’s already a proven fact that smile and positiveness influence your emotional harmony. And if you are emotionally satisfied you will have more chances to stay healthy.

24. Create a comfort. If you have a pleasant and comfortable working place you will be less stressed and tired.

25. Find something to do. There some periods that you have nothing to do at work. In this case try to occupy yourself. It may sound strange, but idleness makes you more tired than a hard work.

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