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4 Healthy Tips about How to Care Body After Bathing

Elbow and Knee Skin Care
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When the bath, there may be some areas of the body unnoticed, so that part will look less clean, so, do the after bathing body treatments like this following healthy tips on how to care body after bathing.

Here are four healthy tips about how to care body after bathing

1. Nail
The first healthy tips is the most ideal time to clean toenails and hands are just after bathing. Because, at that time, cuticles, nail and surrounding skin are in humid conditions and soft texture, making it easier to clean. End this ritual by applying hand and nail lotion.

How to Care Body After Bathing

2. Heel
The second healthy tips is when will wear strappy shoes, sandals or flip-flop may be you just realized if the condition of your heel to thicken, peeling, or even cracked. It will certainly ruin the look. Therefore, do the prevention by exfoliating in the bathing. The trick is rub the heel of the foot with a little wet salt and a pumice stone. Once clean, soak the feet in warm water, pat dry and brush some feet and leg lotion to neutralize the skin and restore the moisture.

3. Elbow and knee
The third healthy tips is elbow and knee skin is generally darker due to hyper-pigmentation and friction. To brighten , soften and smooth that area, apply a moisturizer that contains almond oil and oatmeal scrub regularly.

Elbow and Knee Skin Care

The last but not least for healthy tips about how to care body after bathing

4. Back
The last healthy tips is do not forget to use a shower puff or a loaf to reach your back or other difficult areas in the body. To apply a body butter or moisturizer lotion ask for help from close friends or your sister. Do not forget to follow with a light massage so that the blood circulation in your back running smoothly and at last we can feel sexy in a favorites backless dress.

I hope with this healthy tips about how to care body after bathing, your body can become healthier and look more sexy.

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