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5 Tips for a Better Backyard

Is your backyard a bit boring? What would you change about it? With so many people having their days packed with trying to juggle work and family life, the backyard is an area of the house that frequently ends up receiving more than its fair share of neglect.

5 Tips for a Better Backyard
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But it doesn’t have to be. It’s actually really easy to improve your backyard and turn it into a safe space the whole family can enjoy.

1. Grass

Many unloved yards end up with grass that becomes patchy and reveals a lot of dirt underneath, especially during the summer months when the ground gets a scorching in the sun. There are a few ways you can remedy this. If you have something of a green thumb, with care and regular attention, you can likely get it thriving again. If you’re short on time, consider laying turf instead. It’s water smart, easy to maintain, it looks a million bucks and you can get companies like Hancey’s Turf to install it for you.

2. Grow your Own Food

More and more people are turning to urban farming to reduce their supermarket bills. Veggie and herb gardens are easy to build and look after and, once you get a good rotation going, they’re a non-stop source of delicious, natural food. Herb gardens also bring lots of different aromas into the yard in addition to buffing up your list of available spices for when you’re cooking dinner.

3. Leverage your Unused Space

Got an area of the yard that isn’t being used? Find something you can do with it. There’s tonnes of options. Swing set for the kids? How about a sandpit? A giant swing hammock just for you? A firepit or backyard pizza oven? If you’ve got a lot of space, you could even build an outdoor cinema in your yard for those balmy nights you can’t bear to be inside. All of these things are easy to build yourself and could provide a great weekend project to help you unwind.

4. Refurbish your Entertainment Area

Got an outdoor entertainment area that doesn’t get a lot of love? It might be time to rejuvenate it and inject a bit of character and personal flair. Build comfy seating out of old pallets and sofa cushions and find a nice outdoor dining suite that will complement your style. Install a pergola with some climbing plants like roses or ivy to provide an area with natural shade. Hang mirrors on your fence to make the yard look bigger than it really is. Don’t be afraid to get creative.

5. Install a Decorative Path

Another way to add some flair to your yard, while keeping it efficient, is a direct path from the house to the washing line. You can get really creative in this regard. Build a checkerboard pattern of pavers and plants, maybe build a long path of decorative cobblestones, or get crazy and find some colourful slabs and arrange them in a spiral. Find something that will blend with your yard’s aesthetic and go from there.

So much of building a better backyard comes down to personal taste. Obviously, you also don’t want to commit to a project that is going to eat into your valuable personal time either. Try to find a balance between goals that can be accomplished on your own and what you’ll need help for. For bigger projects, make a day of it. Invite handy friends around to help you out and reward them with drinks and a feed at the end of the day. Have you ever made any improvements to your yard? What did you get up to? Got any tricks and tips? Leave them in the comments below!

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