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7 Ways to Minimize Your Household Utility Bills

Unfortunately utility bills always keep increasing. The Question is what should be done to minimize these bills. Small addition to your savings means a lot. To reduce your household utility bills, and to save cash in your hands, try the following ways:

7 Ways to Minimize Your Household Utility Bills
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1. Turn Off The Lights

The simplest way is the adopting of the policy of turning lights off in your house. This doesn’t mean to make your house completely dark, but to impart your family to turn off lights upon leaving their room. Leaving lights on in empty room, a usual case though, is wastage of energy and your money.

2. Warm Clothes On, Heaters Off

Before switching on a heater, just ask yourself that are you really in need of the heater? A sweater would be adequate if you are feeling chill. You can warm up yourself by putting on extra layers of clothes. It is unwise to turn on the heater just becasue you are in half sleeves.

3. Insulation

Poor insulation of house also causes a burden on your income. Spending money for saving money might seem frivolous. But money will be saved in long run according to long term view. At least some steps will make the difference like closing curtains or using draught excluders etc.

house Insulation new

4. Keep Single Room Warm

If you are living alone, then it is much better to keep one room warm than keeping your whole house heated up. To warm a small room, electric heater will be more energy efficient. For heating complete house, keep level of heating less in those rooms which you use less.

5. Dry Laundry In Open Air

You have lot of laundry, when you have a family, so you wish to dry laundry with drier especially in winter. Since high energy is consumed by the drier, so linger laundry in open air whenever possible. It will save your house from damp laundry smell and will also make an addition to your savings.

6. Unplug Electric Appliances

If you are not using any electrical appliance, unplugging it will result in savings. One should develop the habit of unplugging appliances when not in use, except fridge. For chargeable devices, do not leave the charger plugged for long time after your device gets fully charged.

Unplug Electric Appliances

7. Do Not Leave Taps Trickling

Do not leave the tap running; instead develop a habit of fully closing the tap. To clean the plates and dishes under running water is a wastage, economically as well as environmently. Do not keep water running while brushing teeth or washing hand. You will be able to redcue your water bill then.

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