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A Romantic Valentine’s Day Picnic Idea

Valentine’s Day is a day to describe your love and feelings for the one who you love and appreciate the most. Lovers may go to any lengths to buy gifts, candies and cards to profess their love or even propose to their love.

A Romantic Valentine's Day Picnic Idea
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Arranging a surprise Valentine Day’s picnic for your Valentine or spouse can be one of the nicest treats. In case you planned an outdoor picnic and the weather plays truant, you may switch plans and have an indoor picnic instead. Your Valentine will certainly love it.

Different Activities Related to Picnic

You may accentuate the occasion with scented candles, thereby enhancing the mood. Be sure that you conceal the entire plan from your sweetheart. After all, it has to be a surprise. Get a picnic basket or a large container, colored paper plates, napkins and the necessary dishes. Add to the mood with ones that have Valentine prints, which are easily available at any dollar shop.

To start with, greet your spouse with a nice long stemmed rose, and then to her surprise produce a lovely bouquet of roses along with a Valentine’s Day card. She is certainly not going to believe her eyes when you take out your picnic basket. If she loves fun outdoors, then apologize to her on behalf of the weather. Next, you may read out a poem in appreciation of her beauty. Capture the moment in your camera when she is completely taken by surprise. Don’t you think that she will exclaim with surprise, “Am I dreaming? “

To generate the outdoor effect, you may use a CD featuring the chirping of birds. Adorn your indoor picnic place with artificial trees, ficus trees, ferns and palm plants for those special effects.  In case you do not have time on hand to provide the décor, then you may treat her in your garden or backyard. She will love that too. Set a round table with a tablecloth over it. Place a nice vase with roses on the table. Get started with your plan. Tie a bandage over your sweetheart’s eyes, lead her up on the way to the garden and surprise her with your efforts.

Preparing the Menu

After setting up your picnic venue, you may next focus on preparing the menu. The heart symbolizes love and affection for the one you care for the most.  Why not have heart-shaped dishes? This way all the preparations will become emissaries of your love.  The menu may have smoked salmon salad, sub sandwiches cut out in heart shape on delicious sourdough bread. Be sure to add favorite dishes of your beloved too. What about some sandwiches with vinegared cucumber, and red onion? Any menu without a dessert does not sound perfect. You may add strawberry ice cream or the blueberry variety. Introducing chocolate dipped strawberries to provide the finish will also be great.

Finally, yet importantly, take out a bottle of wine and raise a toast to your beloved. You may add a love-quote on the bottle.

Don’t you think that you are forgetting something? Yes, its time to present the special gift that you have bought for her. After the enjoyable moments that you spent together, give her another surprise by presenting the gift to your valentine. Say that you want to share a long-concealed secret with her. After making her wait for a few seconds, show her the hard-managed tickets of a romantic movie that you intend watching with her that evening. If you are ready to undergo the trouble of treating your spouse like a queen, you may get the sobriquet of being the ‘best husband’ around.

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