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Acid Alkaline Food Chart

Acid Alkaline Food Chart
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If you wake up tired in the morning and in the evening you have a serious apathy, this may be due to an imbalance in your body and organism. In such case the Acid-Alkaline diet could help you. The diet is based on the fact that the consumed products in the process of digestion provide acid or alkaline to the body. The imbalance of acid and alkaline can cause increase of weight, diseases and general fatigue to the body.

The balance of the food should be in ratio 35% acid products and 65% alkaline products. When this ratio is disturbed, the organs and systems in the human body react. In the elevated use of acid foods, the body is forced to “extinguish” the created environment using its own reserves, such as mineral salts of calcium, iron, potassium, sodium and etc. This causes slowing down of the biochemical processes and reducing the level of oxygen in the cells. As a result, the suntan become earthy colored and also there are some reactions such as poor digestion, fatigue and apathy, physical weakness.

Acid Alkaline Food Chart

   We should mention that an acid reaction often is met in products, which people are unaware, such as milk, coffee, bread. Alkaline reaction is often met in a sour taste products such as lemon. Usually it is proved that people are often willing to accept acidic products. To restore the balance you should consume roots, non-sweet fruits, nuts, vegetables, green tea, vegetable oils and etc. To compensate for the shortage of proteins, such as eggs, fish, chicken meat, which also give a low acid reaction. To decrease the acid reactions, we should restrict the coffee and caffeine drinks, dairy products, starchy foods, red meat and alcohol. This will make you to feel better and will help you normalize your weight.

Acid Alkaline Foods

The compliance with such a regime and diet is easy because nothing is forbidden. You will quickly notice the results, which will be alertness, increased performance, and decreasing of the weight. The Acid-Alkaline diet is appropriate for anyone without the kids, as some acid products are important for their growth and development, such as milk. More careful should be people who have extremely sensitive stomachs, which can be irritated with increased fiber intake.

In spite of the fact that this theory has opponents, it should be clear that such a diet provides the body with minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and fiber. If a person is healthy, nothing prevents him to try this way of eating. Remember that there are no forbidden foods, only a reduction of some of them to achieve the correct Acid-Alkaline balance.