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Baby Girl Clothes Ideas

A beautiful baby girl…..You are probably already imagining all the cute outfits you are going to put her in.  When it comes to baby girl clothes ideas, there is certainly no shortage.

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Not only is there a huge market in baby clothes designed for girls, but there are also unlimited amounts of accessories that are available to complete your outfits!

It is very easy to get carried away when buying clothes for a baby girl.  When you look in most department stores, the selection for baby girls is at least twice that of their male counterparts.

You can dress you baby girl without sacrificing your finances if you are careful.  If you head out shopping and buy every outfit you fall in love with, your little girl will probably have a closet filled with clothes that still have tags on them. Remember that babies grow very quickly in the early months, and that the smallest sizes of clothing will not last you long at all.  Instead, it is a good idea to stock up on staples that can be worn for multiple purposes and with multiple outfits.  When you enhance this basic wardrobe with a few special pieces and a couple of accessories, you will have created a vast wardrobe for your baby girl.

You can almost always be guaranteed that your family, friends, co-workers and other well-wishers will present your baby girl with lots of cute outfits upon her birth, leaving you with very little to buy.  Instead, concentrate on buying the necessities that no one else wants to buy, but are the things you will really need!

Baby Girl Clothes Ideas include:


One piece outfits:  This will be the majority of the wardrobe your baby girl will need for the first few months of her life, so make sure you have plenty.  These outfits can be used as playwear or pajamas and most of them have built in footies so that your little ones don’t lose their socks while they are snoozing.  Some of them even have built in mitts that can be folder over tiny hands during sleep so that the babies do not scratch themselves.


Onesies that go over the diaper and snap at the crotch are probably the easiest, and they come in a lot of cute patterns.  Some look like plain t-shirts, while others have trim or patterns to dress up the look a little.  These are great because you do not have to change an entire outfit to change a diaper when a baby is wearing them.


Leggings come in every pattern imaginable, and are the only kind of pants your little one will need for a while because they pull up easily over a diaper.  If you have several pairs of these, you will be able to combine them with different shirts to make all the cute outfits you would like!

Warm layers

When you add a few sweaters, sweatshirts, and fleece items, your baby girl can stay both warm and fashionable.

Socks and mitts

Since babies do not need shoes (although there certainly are some adorable ones out there!), stock up on s

Hats are important when your baby girl is outside.  Get her a cute floppy sunhat for the warm months, and a furry one with ear flaps for winter months.

Once you have all the basics down, you can buy all the cute little dresses and accessories you desire for your little one!  Baby girl clothes ideas really know no limits.