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Banana and Milk Diet

Maybe you all know that the bananas are not so healthy and not so dietician, but one of the most successful and most efficient diets is based on them.

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The Banana-milk diet is very effective, as for three days you can lose up to three kilograms and also to have really delicious meals. The milk is considered as a product that stimulates weight loss, stimulating the metabolism and nourishing the body with calcium. Also bananas are very useful for the human body. Of course we should not miss that they are high-calorie, but are also a source of fiber, vitamins and minerals. They also contain cellulose, starch, calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, pectin, vitamins A, C, E, B, and glucose and sucrose. The bananas has no fats, which is helpful in reducing of the cholesterol. We should not miss the fact that they are a source of energy and quick satiate the hunger.

Banana diet

The Banana-milk diet is suitable mainly for those people who have bowel problems. The experts say that bananas stimulate the renewal of epithelium and mucus, which protects the inner wall of the stomach. As the diet is quite strong, first you should prepare the body and during the preparation period you should not eat any fried, greasy, salty or sweet foods. Also drink green tea or non-carbonated mineral water, which will soothe your stomach. The banana diet is very simple, but must be strictly observed, and the duration is not more than three days. All you need is milk and bananas.The daily portions are 3 bananas and 3 cups of nonfat yogurt divided into potions on several meals during the day. After three days you will see the result, but definitely should not extend the diet, as the deficiency of proteins can seriously harm your health.

banana milk

We can offer you second variation of the diet, as every day you can eat up to 1.5 kg bananas and to drink green tea. Everyday you can eat around 1300 kcal and will have pretty much power. Such diet can be observed up to 7 days, as you can also add 2 boiled eggs (for the whole period of the diet) to compensate the lack of proteins in the bananas. The banana diet normalize the functioning of the intestines, activates metabolism, improves skin condition. The bananas contain a lot of potassium, which has diuretic and laxative action, so the body naturally cleanses from toxins and waste. The results of the diet will keep longer if after completing of the diet you refrain from the use of fatty and sugary foods in large quantities. Otherwise the kilograms will get back to you and can even reach the yo-yo effect and increase your weight with more kilograms than you lost.