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Beautiful Eyebrows Trend 2019

Beautiful Eyebrows
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The eyebrows are the natural frame of the eyes and they must be proportionate to the face at all. The perfectly shaped eyebrows enhance the overall appearance of the face and help the eyes to stand. Definitely they are important for the total makeup and can seriously help your beauty. The eyebrows are important for your face and you should seriously care for them. Here me and our beautician experts will give you some tricks how to make your eyebrows well shaped and really nice.

The first makeup tip, which we can give you is to pull the eyebrows hair only in direction, which they grow. Do not catch many hairs at once, as you risk to pull more than you need and seriously to change the shape of the eyebrow. Remember than once you make such large change of the shape you will not be able to recover it again. If you feel pain during the procedure, first brush the sensitive areas with cooling lotion, which will help you with the discomfort.

If your eyebrows are too thin, you can fill them using colored shadows. The color should be close to the eyebrows color and should be applied with feather. Another option is to use an eyebrow pencil. Both cases are good, but definitely the shadows are giving better color and density, which will make your face looking more natural.

Beautiful Eyebrows

The beginning of the eyebrow should start from the inner corner of the eye. To determine completely accurate this position, put a pencil perpendicular of the eyebrow. The end of the eyebrow should finish on diagonal with the outer corner of the eye. The eyebrow should form an arch over the upper eyelid. This is the perfect shape and will form a natural frame of your eye.

 Beautiful Brows
If you have difficulty with eyebrow shaping, better to go several times on a beautician and then just maintain the shape. This will save you time and will make your makeup easier for creation. The irregular, curved or different shape of the both eyebrows can completely spoil your face type. Keep in mind that sometimes the plucked eyebrows hairs never grow again. You should be very careful with their shaping and the makeup. The wrong eyebrows can serious harm your vision, so care about them and if needed even visit a beautician for help.