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Best Sun Protection for Hair 2019

The sun protection for the hair is highly important during the summer and winter. The strong sun, heat and the hot wind are factors, which exhausted the hair and lead to loss of luster.

best Sun Protection
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These weather influences destroy the pigment and keratin of the hair and highly dewatered it. As a result of intense sun exposure the hairstyle loses its shape, the hair loses its luster and the hair tips tear. The ultraviolet lights weaken the lipid layer of the hair, which tends to dry the hair. Hats with a brim are the perfect protection during the summer, but also the modern and useful cosmetics have good protective equipment.

The sun-protection hair cosmetics retains vitality, strength and shine of hair in the summer. It contains metal oxides, such as iron and titanium dioxide, which protect the hair from overheating. The cosmetics have also moisturizers, such as panthenol, soy protein, jojoba, aloe vera and others. They nourish the hair and strengthen it during the hot summer days. Solar shading hair cosmetics forming an invisible protective film around the hair. This prevents it from quickly drying and accumulation of salt from sea water or chlorine from the pool. Due to its special nourishing ingredients the sun-protection cosmetics further soften your hair and make it easier to comb her.

The beauticians advice to protect your hair from external aggression in the summer, washing it more often – every other day. Avoid styling sprays and perfumes, as they can lead to thermolysis (thermal destruction of the base of the hair). Definitely this will higly reduce the negative effect of the summer sunlights and will save your hair in better condition during the hot months. The good and healthy haircare will protect it, but also will halp you to look better and to be more beautiful with stronger hairstyle, in spite of the weather conditions.

  • jane
    3 years önce

    I hate sun. That’s so clear. but as a human being I have to go out and be under the sun.
    So this is why I must protect myself. I am so sensitive about skincare and skin protection. but with this article I am going to start my hair as well. 🙂