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Boys Bathroom Ideas

When your kid is grown old enough, it’s time for them to have their own bathrooms. Just like their bedrooms, you decorate their bathrooms creatively to suit your kid’s preferences.

Boys Bathroom Ideas
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The article below will bring you easy tips on how to personalize your little boy’s bathroom without spending loads at furniture stores.

Kids are naturally playful and cheerful and the same cheerfulness should be included in the kid’s room décor as well as their bathrooms. The important thing to keep in mind is that kids are small and their stuff should be stored in places that can be easily accessible by children. All the objects in the bathroom that range from tissue box, tooth brush, towels, hand wash to sink, stalls and other toiletries should be optimized to suit your kid. Large mirrors can increase the light in the bathroom and are commonly used in narrow rooms.

When planning your little boy’s bathroom décor, color draws major attention as it gives the basic impression of the room. In the modern world, a variety of themes are being used to decorate boys’ bathrooms. Marine and nautical theme is a popular theme that can be accompanied with accessories that resemble a ship, see life or the beach. Wall arts of sea creatures and marine items that come in blue, red and white can be used to further decorate the walls of your kid’s bathroom. Another commonly used theme is the green animal world theme which fills your little man’s bathroom with frogs, caterpillars, dragonflies, owls and lily pads. Apart from them you can use your kid’s own imagination to come up with a theme and decorate his bathroom with his own hands. Give him an opportunity to join in and you will be surprised at the depth of your young man’s imagination skills. Sometimes personalized linen, curtains and towels that bear the name or the name’s first letter are used to bring about a personal touch to the bathroom.

If you can’t think of a theme, or your kid’s imagination is packed with heaps of themes you can use plain colors to enhance the impression of your kids’ bathroom. Green and orange are the modern trending colors used in boys’ bathrooms that bring about a playful touch to the space. If you want your kid’s bathroom to have a tranquil appeal, you can use light neutral colors which will also give a welcoming and relaxing feel. For older boys, you can use contrasting colors and modern accessories to give the bathroom a youthful and sophisticated look.

Apart from using plain colors, you can mix and match colors to increase the colorfulness in the bathroom. Lines of multiple colors will give a luscious look to the bathroom which will be more suitable for older kids while younger kids can use circles or dots.

No matter how elegant your kid’s bathroom will look, the safety of your child is the most important aspect to consider. Boys are more cheerful when compared with children and you have to make sure that there are no places where kids could hurt themselves.

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