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Breakfast Ideas For Kids: Healthy And Tasteful

As an adult, you are allowed to skip breakfast, even if this is not so healthy. However, when it comes to children, skipping breakfast is almost a crime.

breakfast ideas for kids
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Well, maybe this is a big word, but it is surely a sign of irresponsible behavior. Let’s see some healthy breakfast ideas for kids, which will also be liked by the child.

Yes, it is hard to convince some children to eat. We all know that salads, proteins and light meat are good, but how can you convince a child used with candies to eat? Sausages, salami, pork and fast food are not recommended for children, but they are surely tempting because they are cheap and easy to cook. However, those have many additives and no nutrition value, so you can think about eliminating those from the breakfast list.

The perfect foods for breakfast are eggs, cereals, milk and cheese. Of course, the fruits must not miss as a desert.

Best breakfast ideas for kids:

1. One boiled egg with two toasts, one glass of fresh juice and maybe some marmalade

2. One simple yogurt, two toasts with butter and cheese, and one fruit

3. One bowl of rice with milk, one apple and two toasts with cheese

4. A turkey sandwich with two toasts, one slice of cheese, one slice of turkey ham, one lettuce leaf, and a few slices of tomatoes or cucumbers

5. Special omelet: two eggs, a few slices of cheese, onion, mushrooms. All must be mixed and put in a pan with some olive oil. It is perfect with two toasts, one glass with orange juice and one apple.

6. Milkshake: one banana, one cup of milk, some vanilla sugar or honey, and cinnamon. And of course, cereals.

If you want the breakfast ready in less than five minutes, the small kitchen appliances are of help. If you want to make a fast juice, you need a blender for the milkshake and a toaster for bread.

Healthy breakfast ideas for kids

A mix of all vitamins, here is what nutritionists recommend for the first meal of kids. Those have to be taken from quality food, in certain combinations. This is the only way to put all of those into value.

The breakfast must offer 30% of the caloric daily necessary quantity. The breakfast must contain highly nutritive food, which give a large portion of the 50 nutrients required every day.

For children, the breakfast must be fulfilling. Otherwise, as soon as they get to kindergarten or school, children will start eating junk food. Moreover, by eating a lot in the morning, the child will have a better activity during the day.

The child must drink water as soon as she or he gets up. The breakfast must be eaten 30 minutes after. This way, it will be more effective in satisfying the nutritional needs of the child.

What do children need?

The smart breakfast ideas for kids are not so…smart if they don’t contain vitamins from the groups A, E and D, but also C.

Vitamin C is present in fruits, and they are the best way to enhance the anti oxidants effects of the E vitamin, which is present in lactates and seeds. The entire complex of B vitamins is enhanced with iron, which can also be found in fruits. For the children that consume a lot of energy every day, butter is also recommended. The same kids can consume more sweets, but make sure not to over react with those.

It is hard to convince a child to change an unhealthy diet. This is why you need to give him or her healthy food since the first years. This way, you will use your child with healthy food, which is an immense advantage for the entire lifetime.