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Breast Health of Women, How to Maintain It

Breast Health of Women
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Breast Health of Women, How to Maintain It is about how to maintain women breast health. Breast cancer is the most frightening disease for women. Especially for young women without children. For that, you need to keep your breast health as early as possible in order to stay healthy until old age.

The risk of breast cancer in young women is lower than the risk of cancer that attacks an old woman. However, if young women affected by breast cancer, the disease can be more aggressive. We recommend that women maintain a healthy and give more attention to their breasts. One way is to have a healthy lifestyle. Here the full of Breast Health of Women, How to Maintain It.

Breast health of women, here the tips

1. Keep your weight
Besides disturbing appearance, excess weight makes the body vulnerable to disease. “Excessive weight can increase the risk of developing the disease and lower the immune system,” said Harold Freeman, MD, chairman and founder of the Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer and Prevention in New York, USA.

2. Sport
Exercising for 45 minutes to an hour routinely can prevent breast cancer. Fitness exercises can help you improve immune function, reduce the risk of obesity, as well as lower levels of estrogen and insulin.

3. Reduce drinking alcohol
Research shows that two glasses of alcohol per day increases the risk of breast cancer about 21 percent. Try changing alcohol or wine with grapes and fruit juice. Resveratrol in grape skin can help you reduce estrogen levels that trigger cancer.

4. Vegetable consumption
Diet by eating low-fat foods may reduce your risk of cancer. You can add vegetables, such as broccoli and kale, during lunch or at breakfast for maintaining health. They contain sulforaphane which is believed to prevent cancer cells in order to proliferate. Eating raw vegetables can also help you fight breast cancer. – Breast Health of Women, How to Maintain It

Breast health of women, the next things you have to do

5. Knowing the family history
“Approximately 15 percent of breast cancer cases came from a family history who had experienced the disease,” said Harold Freeman. Therefore, it is important to know your family health history in order to detect the disease as early as possible.    .

6. Check the breast health
Check your breasts at least once every three years when aged under 40 years. But for women aged 40 years and over, do regular inspections, especially for those who have a history of breast cancer is hereditary. Increased risk of cancer may also be experienced by young women. If the examination by mammogram are still not enough, you can ask your doctor to perform a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or a sonogram.

Breast Health of Women Check the breast health

7. Genetic test/DNA test
Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) test is important to detect the disease. When cancer attacks the young women may be due to the mutation of Breast Cancer (BRCA). As a precaution, do a DNA test so that you can avoid the risk of breast cancer. – Breast Health of Women, How to Maintain It

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