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Breast Treatment with Natural Healthy Ingredients

Breast Treatment with Natural Healthy Ingredients
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Breast Treatment with Natural Healthy Ingredients is about natural healthy ingredients to your breast treatment. Having beautiful breasts certainly a pride for women. But the breast shape and size of each female are essentially different. And for women who have small breast, often do not feel confident with that condition. But you do not need to worry, because the most important is the health of your breasts. And breast treatment can also be done with natural ingredients. Here are some natural ingredients that can be to breast treatment.

Breast treatment, Here the natural healthy ingredients

1. Rice flour
Take a handful of rice, soak for one night. The next day, drain, then puree by threshed. Take one tablespoon of that rice flour, add a little water and stir until become a mask. Apply that mask of rice flour to all areas of the breast evenly, except the nipples. After the mask dried, remove immediately and clean the breast with a towel that has been moistened with warm water.

2. Green Papaya
Benefits of the papaya to tighten the breast has been known since ancient times. The content of vitamin A which high enough can be utilized for nourish the skin of the breast. The way is: take a green papaya, crushed in a blender by adding little water. After papaya was smooth, add two tablespoons of honey, a little milk and one egg yolk. Stir until become like a mask. Next, apply that papaya mask to the entire breasts area, except the nipples. Let stand for 15 minutes, after that wash the breast with warm water.

Health Benefits Green Papaya

3. Lemon and Rum
Take one big lemon, then take the juice. Add half a cup of rum. Stir slowly, then allowed to stand for one night. The next morning, apply that material to the breast while doing the massage slowly. Let stand for five minutes, then take a bath. Do this breast treatment routinely for your breast health to get the breast skin that toned and healthy.

The last natural healthy ingredients to breast treatment

4. Egg whites
Prepare two eggs, then take the whites. Beat that egg whites until shaped like a cream. Then apply evenly on the breast. Let stand for 30 minutes. After dry, wash by using soft cloth that has been dipped in garlic water. Do this breast treatment once a week for your breast health.

Egg whites  breast treatment

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