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Can You get Pregnant from Precum

It was a truly ecstatic moment when 27-year old Lindsay Hasaj, of Finchley, North London, found she was expecting.

can you get pregnant from precum
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However, a month later she was on the receiving end for yet another larger-scaled bolt from the blue. She was informed by the doctors about having a dual reproductive system – the newly formed foetus that was developing in one of her two wombs.

This form of anatomical rarity is deemed to be 1 among a million women. However, now that her condition has been detected, a totally normal pregnancy is possible. In this form of medical condition there is also the presence of 2 cervices and 2 vaginas which leads to having the probability of fertilization occurring. It was a matter of sheer luck that the woman managed to become pregnant merely two months after the couple started to try conception brusquely after their marriage.

Her extremely atypical condition known as uterus didelphys – had not been diagnosed earlier as her body appear perfectly normal on external appearance.

It was only when she visited a hospital following abdominal pain which she dreaded was due to an ectopic pregnancy – when the foetus develops outside the womb, did she come to know of this rarity. Though the presence of an ectopic pregnancy was excluded, the doctors ordered for additional tests in order to corroborate their dubious findings.

Though eight amongst ten thousand women in the United Kingdom show the presence of some kind of uterus didelphs, 1 in a million have precisely similar anatomy like Mrs. Hasaj. The woman has the usual single opening to her vagina that later internally subdivides into two.

After this striking revelation, a lot of pieces of the puzzle fell into place – like the persistent uncertain outcome of the pap smear tests. Every time a pap smear test was conducted there were increasing disparities noted when compared with the previously conducted tests, that made the doctors feel as if there were examining two different individuals.

Mrs. Hasaj was quiet apprehensive about the safety of her unborn child and often wondering whether she was a real woman. However, the doctors have reassured her that with adequate care and treatment there wouldn’t be any affect on the health of the unborn foetus.

Dr.Peter Bowen-Simpkins, a consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist from the London Women’s Clinic explicated how fortunate Mrs. Hasaj is despite having uterus didelphs that has shown to sap pregnancy prospects by half. This translates to the fact that there is only a mere fifty percent probability of the sperm carrying out the fertilization through the vagina during the ovulation phase.

This condition however does exert major complications as the two wombs are significantly weaker as compared to a normal single womb.

Mrs. Hasaj who reaching the end of her first trimester of pregnancy, is advised to go in for regular fortnightly cervical checkups and may be suggested to start on a course of hormones to fortify the cervix.

However, the low point in this is that doctors have informed her that this pregnancy would is most probability be the sole one she could have and her aspirations of bearing a big-sized family are not likely to be satisfied. However, Mrs. Hasaj seems happy with the one chance she has got to give birth to a child.

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