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Cots Deemed Safest For Babies

According to a latest research, the safest place for a child to lull off to sleep is in a cot. The study shed light on the shocking revelation that more than half of all cot deaths occurred while the child was asleep alongside a parent in a bed, atop a couch or sofa.

Cots Deemed Safest For Babies
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Scientists stated that fortuitous suffocation might be responsible for it, particularly when the parent has been consuming intoxicants or doing drugs.

During the study conducted by scientists at Bristol and Warwick universities probed all unpredicted infant fatalities that transpired among up to 2-year-olds in the south-west England from the time periods from Jan 20017 – Dec 2019.

They drew comparisons on the reasons behind the deaths in the two control sets – one being that of the ‘high risk’ bracket comprising of young mothers that indulged in smoking and were socially rundown, and an arbitrarily picked set.

In both the control sets, the section that co-slept with the child was 20%. From the eighty cot deaths that were investigated, 54% happened when sharing a bed.

A major part of the risk might be explicated by the lethal combo of parental alcohol or drug consumption prior to going to bed – that was thirty-one percent in comparison to the three percent noted in the control group.

Nearly a fifth of cot death babies were spotted with a cushion and nearly a quarter of them found wrapped in some form of clothing, signifying potentially novel risk aspects surfacing.

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The scientists stated that few of the safety pointers seem to be implemented by many parents like placing babies on their backs when putting them to sleep.

However, several other safety messages seem to be disregarded by many parents inclusive of one that advises about the safest place for the baby to sleep is in the cot that must be ideally placed next to the parent’s bed.

Helming the research, Professor Peter Fleming, Professor of Infant Health and Development Physiology at Bristol University stated that they have been able to understand the conditions which make bed or sofa sharing with a parent perilous. He further added that many comprehend the risk associated with drinking and driving and many of them seem to be following that advice. He stated that in analogous manner if parents drank or consumed drugs – they must not co-sleep with their baby.

Professor Fleming stated that several parents wake up in the thick of night for feeding their baby perched on a sofa or armchair – considering it safer as compared to feeding on the bed, though this is a falsity.

He said that it is imperative that parents must not fall asleep with their baby in tow on a sofa as it could be a very risky practice. It is considered to be twenty-five times more risky when compared to falling asleep on the bed with the child. It is vital that parents after feeding their baby must place their baby back in the cot.

The maximum risk of being exposed to cot deaths is the very young age bracket mothers, mostly single mom and teenagers that are more likely to neglect this advice.

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