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Eyeliner Tips for 2019

  The eyeliner is a cosmetic product that can easy to make your eyes more expressive and the look more intense.

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The underlined eyes are quite beautiful and have dramatic vision. In any case the eyeliner is important accessory for your makeup and will create really impressive vision. In doesn’t matter if you prefer the classic “cat’s eye” or try the non-traditional color eyeliner, certainly you will be noticed. The fashion trend this season is to put the eyeliner on natural eye.
Here we will give you some make up tips for using eyeliner easily and successfully:

      Create a base

The first step is to lay the base on your eyelids, to be sure that the eyeliner will stay longer. Apply primer or special eye base on and then you’re ready to make any eyeliner. This will equalize the color of the eyelids and also will be the basic of the eyeliner. Many women miss this step and have problems with the makeup after a few hours.

      Put the eyeliner

The fashion trend this season is to put the eyeliner on natural eye. However, if you want to add a shadow on the lids, place them first and then eyeliner. Once you start putting the eyeliner use the classic kind of drawing the eye. It is ideal for recreating the glamorous retro vision, which is actually very trendy this season. You can achieve the effect of winged or cat eye, draw the eye with fluid movement. If you have problems, put previously almost invisible basic with an eyeliner. The fashion trends in makeup this season are based on more expressive and highlighted eye line.

Eyeliner Tips for 2019

      Daily usage

Some women believe that eyeliner is only suitable for evening. Actually they are quite wrong, as the truth is that there is nothing wrong to use makeup during the day. However, remember that the rest of the makeup should be almost invisible, otherwise your vision will be officiousness and definitely will not be attractive enough. Of course you can experiment with different colors of eyeliner, as it is not necessarily to limit only in using black. Use the latest seasonal shades and choose the one that suits best to you.