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Feather Hair Extensions

Extensie păr de păr
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Feather hair extensions are an awesome, edgy and unique way to add a quirky style to your hair. Feather hair extensions are fine, natural feathers which can be attached to hair at the root in much the same way as regular hair extensions, using crimp beads. Once applied they will stay in the hair for up to three months. You can wash and blow-dry your hair as usual whilst wearing the extensions. 

Feather Hair Extensions Bangkok

Feather hair extensions have become popular in recent years as a mix of a few different trends, including recent flashbacks in fashion to the Native Indians as well as hair accessories styled after 1920’s flapper girls, who often wore large clips and fascinators detailing feathers. Feather hair extensions became most popular over recent summers, offering a great, stylish and unique look that’s easy to maintain at festivals.Trends for more permanent adornments have become more and more pervasive every day. Just as tattoos are a regular sight on catwalks and in high fashion shoots, alternative hair styles and semi-permanent additions to the body and hair have made their way into mainstream fashion.
Feather Hair Extensions
Feather hair extensions are another example of this growing trend. Also, because it is possible to buy feather hair extensions in a very wide range of colours and styles (from natural shades to bright colours) you can easily choose the style which most suits you and fits in with your day to day life.A good tip when buying feather hair extensions is to look for a supplier who sells individual feathers, rather than artificially clustering the feathers together.
Feather hair extension – Yellow feathers
Though more time consuming, by applying the feathers individually, rather than in clumps, they will integrate with your hair far more smoothly and look far more subtle and natural. Also, by applying the feathers in this way, you avoid putting too much strain on the root of the hair – meaning that the extensions will stay in place for longer.There are numerous high street suppliers who sell feather hair extensions, including a number of companies who specialise exclusively in feathers for hair.
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