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Fun Crafts for Kids Ages 3-5, Ages 6-9 and Ages 10-12

Children aged 3-5 are filled with imagination and energy to burn. If you are stuck indoors on a rainy day, or are looking for something new to do with your child, why not try a craft?

Fun Crafts for Kids Ages 3-5, Ages 6-9 and Ages 10-12
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Crafts for Kids Ages 3-5

Children aged 3-5 are filled with imagination and energy to burn. If you are stuck indoors on a rainy day, or are looking for something new to do with your child, why not try a craft? Children at this age love creating things, and crafts are a great outlet for their creative energies.

In addition, doing crafts with your child is a great way to mark some wonderful memories, increase their oral language, and improve their fine motor skills. Children at this age may still be fumbling to gain control over their fine motor skills, so when you are choosing crafts for kids ages 3-5, keep their unique abilities in mind. You do not want to choose a craft that will leave them feeling completely frustrated, but if there is an area of weakness for them (cutting, tracing, etc.), extra practice in these areas will always help build both their muscle strength and their confidence.

Another great tip is to follow your child’s lead. Once you start making crafts with them, they may begin to come up with ideas on their own. This is a great opportunity to let their creativity flow! Thinking outside the box is a much more valuable tool than being able to simply follow step by step directions!

Even if you do not have a degree in art, you can find some fun and easy crafts to do with your preschool aged child. Below are some ideas to start you off, but feel free to modify them and add your own unique twist to them! Remember that this is a chance for you to have a little fun with your child, and that the goal is not to create a gallery-worthy masterpiece!

Tips on Fun Crafts for Kids Ages 3-5

Pipecleaner butterflies and dragonflies

Bend pipe cleaners into wing shapes and attach to bodies that you form by folding a pipe cleaner in half and wrapping it. Children can glue on eyes, or experiment with how to add colorful beads into their design.

Popsicle stick projects

There are so many things that your child can create by gluing popsicle sticks together and painting them. Try making a house, a flag, coasters, picture frames, or anything else your child can visualize! By painting the sticks, you can make some great garden decorations by gluing them onto dowels.

EZ Birdfeeders

Sit a few slices of bread out to dry out for a few hours. If you would like, you can cut them into shapes first with cookie cutters or butter knives. After they are “stale” cover both sides in peanut butter. Sprinkle bird seed into a pie pan or other flat surface. Lay the bread on the bird seed so that both sides are coated. Place them in a tree or outdoors somewhere for a treat that the birds will love!

Pet Rocks

Find a rock that speaks to your child. Let them paint it using washable paints. Let them glue googly eyes onto their rock once the paint dries. They can also use Sharpie markers to add more details to their new friends. Pick a few different sizes and make an entire family!


Parents can draw a zig zag pattern in the middle of a piece of cardstock. Depending upon the child’s skill level with cutting, they can cut it out, or get some help from mom and dad.  After the crown has been cut out, glue the two pieces together to make one long piece which is large enough to go around the child’s head. Another piece may be necessary depending upon the size of the child’s head.

Then, your child can paint it whatever color they would like using tempera or poster paints. While the paint is still wet, they can sprinkle glitter onto the crow. When the paint dries, they can add sticker jewels, or whatever other touches they would like!

Crafts for kids ages 3-5 are actually lurking everywhere around you! Take a quick peek at what you have lying around, and your child can probably help you come up with lots of ideas about what to turn it into or if you would like to offer your child the perfect gift, click the image below.


Crafts for Kids Ages 6-9

Once children enter elementary school, they are busy with reading, writing, math, science and social studies. It is not so often that they get the chance to make arts and crafts projects like they did during their toddler and preschool days, although most of them still absolutely love to create them!

Since the school curriculum is so jam-packed, home is the perfect place to instill a little time for creativity. By this age, most children have gained much more mastery over their fine motor skills, so they are capable of creating crafts that require a little more dexterity than they were previously able to muster up. Creating crafts with kids in this age group is always fun because they often have creative ideas about how to take your original idea and make it even better. Watching them add their own touches and make a craft uniquely theirs is one of the best parts of craft ideas for kids ages 6-9.

Tips on Fun Crafts for Kids Ages 6-9

Why not try a few of these ideas at home the next day you are looking for something different to do with your child?

Clothes peg Dragonflies

You will need clothes pegs (not the clothes pin kind with the hinges, but simply the peg type which can be harder to find), card stock, and markers or paints. Decorate the pegs using the markers or paints, in any fashion that your child prefers. This will be the body and they can either make it a solitary color, or decorate it with a pattern. Cut a four wing pattern from the card stock, and decorate it with pens, markers, glitter, or whatever your child would like, and glue it onto the bodies. You could add a magnet to the back for different uses, use it as a bookmark, a garden decoration or to decorate anywhere in the house!

Natural Self Portraits

Have your child collect some ideas from outdoors like leaves, grass, rocks, seeds, and flower petals. They can glue some of these items onto construction paper to make a self-portrait. For example, a leaf or flower petal makes a mouth, long pieces of grass or weeds can be hair, etc.

Paper Plate Masks

Use paper plates to draw human or animal faces. Some string stapled to the plates will keep the masks in place.

Mosaic Candle Jars

Brush a small jar (baby food sized) with craft glue. Tear tissue paper into small pieces, and place them onto the jar. Brush with another layer of craft glue. Place a tea light candle inside the jar.

Human Sculptures

Bend pipe cleaners into a stick person form. Use balls of clay to make a head, hands and feet. Googly eyes can be stuck into the clay, as can yarn for hair or whatever other clever and creative things your child can come up with!

Jungle Collage

Cut out leaves, and long strips of green construction paper. Glue onto a plain piece of construction paper. Cut out tigers, snakes and other jungle animals from construction paper and glue into the jungle! Try a forest scene, or an ocean scene next.

Pasta Monsters

Use food coloring to dye some noodles of different shapes and sizes. Glue them together to create unique shapes. Add googly eyes, felt pieces for hair or mustaches, or any other creative touches.

Paper Bag Town

Stuff a small paper bag (lunch sized) with newspaper about halfway. Fold down the top and staple it shut to make a house with a roof shape. Your child can decorate several of these and turn them into a town filled with houses, a school, a library, fire station, stores, and any other type of buildings they would like to add!

Once your child starts creating fun crafts with you, there is no telling what they will come up with next! There are so many crafts for kids ages 6-9 that you could stay busy on every rainy day from here until they have their own kids! If you want your child to be more creative, simply click on the image below.

Crafts for Kids Ages 10-12

Once kids are in upper elementary through middle school, many of them spend a great deal of their time sitting in front of some sort of screen, be it a television, computer, phone, tablet or iPad. Many parents stay busy looking for ways to divert their attention to some sort of creative or active outlet to make sure that they do not spend too much of their time in passive pursuits.

Arts and crafts for kids age 10, 11 and 12 can offer the perfect diversion from their electronic worlds, and allow them to use a different part of their brains than they may not be accustomed to using. At this age, their fine and gross motor skills are well developed, and they can create some really interesting things.

If they moan and groan when you first suggest a craft, do not be discouraged. Once you get started with them, they will love spending the time with you, and getting the chance to do something that completely engrosses them! Just because they are at “that age” does not mean that they are too old to spend time making crafts with you!

Tips For Making Great Crafts For Kids Ages 10-12

Recycled T-Shirt Projects

Kids at this age have usually accumulated a huge number of t-shirts from different teams they have been, and activities they have participated in. If you are looking for an interesting craft, these old t-shirts can serve as a great start.

  • Buy a pillow form at a craft store, and use the t-shirt as a pillow cover. Cut off the sleeves, and fold the shirt so that it covers the pillow. Some basic stitching can transform the shirt into a pillow.
  • Cut the sleeves off the shirt and cut a deeper neck. Sew up the bottom to make an earth-friendly bag or tote.
  • Make a scarf: Cut below the armholes to make a tube. Make cuts all around the bottom of the tube to make slits, which will end up as fringe. Try twisting the fringe, tying the ends, or adding beads.

Wood Working

Look around for some old wood scraps, or head to Home Depot where they sell scraps for cheap.   Give them a hammer and nails, and see what they can come up with! Birdhouses, planters, and other decorative or useful home objects could be right around the corner!

Duct Tape Crafts

Duct tape has become all the rage, and comes in tons of colors and patterns. There are instructions on line about how to make a duct tape wallet, key chain, bookmark, or slap bracelet. Who knew that the thing dad always used to fix everything truly does have a million and one uses?

No-Sew Fleece Blankets

These blankets are fun and easy to make, and make great gifts to boot! Fleece is available in lots of different colors and patterns, and most fabric stores have a huge selection of fleece to choose from. These no sew blankets require only two pieces of fleece and a good pair of scissors. Basically, you lay two pieces of fleece on top of each other and cut out a five inch square from each of the corners. You then cut fringe around all four sides, by making five inch slits in both pieces of fleece and then knot the pieces! Super easy and functional too!

Decorated Flip Flops

Cut a bandana into one inch strips. Tie to the thing part of a pair of flip flops. Your child can make a pair for each of their outfits!

Your 10-12 year old child may surprise you with their creativity once you start making crafts with them! Who knows what the two of you will come up with once get started creating? If you need more ideas, do not hesitate to visit this website via the image below.

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