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Hair Conditioner

The hair and the hairstyle are important parts of stylish and beautiful vision of each representative of the female gender.

Hair Conditioner
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In the past, people believed that the hair gives to the women a magical power. The today’s modern women have large variety of cosmetics, which will care for the hair and will nourish and treat it. Washing the hair with a shampoo is mandatory hygiene procedure that must be done regularly. But in addition to the shampoo, the women should also use the hair conditioner, which should be applied after washing.

The hair conditioner prevents tangling of the hair, which facilitates its combing. Furthermore, the hair conditioner nourishes and hydrates the hair, helps it to restore its structure and composition, adding more shine and brilliance. Also the conditioner has some specific features, such as a thermal protection to the hair from the hot air dryer. Another special feature is its ability to neutralize the static electricity, which is very important during the winter, when we carry hats. The conditioner will protect your hair from the UV rays in summer too. In any case the conditioner is important for the haircare and will make you look more impressive and your hairstyle to be really shining.

Woman wash hair

But before starting the usage of the balsam, should choose the most proper one, as there are several types. The paste conditioner, should be applied on the hair for 15-20 minutes and after that should be cleaned. The conditioner with rinse should be washed after 2-3 minutes. The conditioner without rinse should be applied to the hair after washing and rinsing. Definitely these three types of balsam will care your hair, but also have different types of treatment and washing. The conditioner as well as the shampoo must be chosen depending on the type of the hair. There are hair conditioners for dry, normal, oily, mixed, colored and damaged hair. It is recommended shampoo and the conditioner you use are the same brand. If you use a shampoo and conditioner from different brands it is possible the components contained in them to be incompatible. The improper selection of hair conditioner can cause obtained backfire and lose of shine and volume. Among the professional lines the most effective are the cosmetic products for hair of Wella, Londa and Schwarzkopf. Also the products from middle class, such as Nivea, Dove, Garnier, Pantene and L’Oreal, will provide good and reliable haircare.

hair conditioner homemade

After choosing the proper hair conditioner, should know how to apply it properly. The conditioner should be applied on wet and clean hair without causing the roots. The hair conditioner must be allowed to act as much as, it is signed on the packaging. You should follow the instructions of the packaging and the time, because if you leave the conditioner to work longer than the designated time, the surface of the hair will oxidized, which stimulates oil glands and scalp will quickly cover with a layer of sebum. In any case the instructions for applying the hair conditioner, should be follow strictly and will release the full power of the ingredients and will nourish the hair.

      Q&A about the Hair Conditioner

Q: What is the composition of the Hair Conditioner?
A: The composition of hair conditioner contains acidic ingredients, some essential oils, plant extracts, natural extracts, vitamins and minerals. Also the balsam may include reflective particles and UV filters to protect hair during the summer.

Q: On what to pay attention when buying a Hair Conditioner?
A: The hair conditioner should have a slight perfume scent, but in any case it should not be strong. If its smell is bad do not buy it. The consistency of the conditioner should be homogeneous and paste. If it is liquid, then the balsam might be dangerous and better not to buy it. Like any other cosmetic product the hair conditioner has a shelf life and during the purchase must pay attention to it.