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Halloween Costume Ideas For Kids

Who doesn’t love Halloween? Even as adults, we love the idea of dressing up in costumes and becoming someone other than our usual selves for just one night.

Halloween Costume Ideas For Kids
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We all remember the fun of picking out our Halloween costumes as children, and deciding on just the right outfit, with the perfect accessories. Remember heading out to see what all of your friends were “being for Halloween” too? Yes, Halloween is one of the most fun traditions for lots of children everywhere.

Since it is so important to kids, parents like to make sure that their children have costumes that they love. Young kids, though, do not always know what they want to dress up like, and turn to their parents for help. There are so many choices for kids’ Halloween costume ideas, and you can be sure to find something that your kids will absolutely love! The important thing to remember about costumes is that it is for your child, and should be something that they love so no matter how adorable you think a costume idea is, if you child is not in agreement, they are not going to be happy wearing it. This is an occasion where they should have some input.

Looking for Homemade Halloween Costume ideas for kids? Consider some of these….


Halloween Costumes made from sweatshirts

Creating a food costume can be very clever and also very simple. Start with an oversized sweatshirt in the appropriate color, and hot glue details, like leaves or seeds, which are cut from felt.

  • Strawberry
  • Sandwich
  • Carrot
  • Pizza
  • Tomato
  • Jellybeans (fill a clear trash bag with colorful balloons)
  • Spaghetti and meatballs (lots of white or cream yarn, with brown pompoms for meatballs, and red clothing underneath
  • Donut (paint a blow up tube pink and glue on colorful sponge hair rollers for sprinkles)
  • Cereal (use a box large enough to cover your child’s body….cut arm and leg holes, and cover the box with paper to decorate it like their favorite cereal)
  • Grapes (using green red, or purple balloons)
  • Pumpkin
  • Ice cream sundae


Halloween Costumes made from hoodies

All of these costumes can be created by starting with a hoodie sweatshirt in a solid color, adding details from felt.


Start with a brown hoodie. Glue on a tan colored felt patch to the stomach. Sew or glue on two large brown felt ears to the side, each with a piece of peach or tan for the inside of the ear. Wear brown sweat pants and carry a banana.


Start with a blue hoodie. Glue felt pieces on the front to look like eyes and a mouth. Stuff eight striped or interesting colored long socks and pin or sew them to the bottom of the sweatshirt.


Wear a yellow sweatshirt under a pair of overalls. Stick black pipe cleaners onto the top for hair, and add a pair of goggles.


start with a black hoodie. Add stripes of bright yellow tape. Pipe cleaner antennae can be added to the top. Wings can be purchased or created from bending coat hangers and covering with thin gauzy material.


Halloween Costumes Made From Boxes



spray paint a large box that will fit your child’s body. Use hot glue to affix plastic cups for the “knobs” on the Legos.

Rubik’s Cube

Use a large box. Cut holes for arms, legs and head and paint appropriately colored squares on the box.


Start with a large box with holes cut for arms, legs and head. Paint the box white, and paint on black dots.

Washing machine

Paint your box white. Glue on plastic lids for knobs. Use glue or duct tape to add containers of laundry detergent and fabric softener to the top. Glue an aluminum take out container with a plastic lid to the front with a pair of socks inside!

Movie Popcorn

Spray your box top with spray adhesive and add packing peanuts to the top. Add more adhesive to the top and more peanuts. Continue with layers until the box looks like it is overflowing with popcorn. Paint the box white and use red tape or paint to create a traditional popcorn box.


Whew! That is a lot of ideas. If your child cannot find an idea on this list that they like, perhaps they will at least be inspired by it and it will give them an idea of their own! Halloween is a fun time for children and parents alike. Do not get stressed out over finding the right costume!

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