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Heavy Metals in Body

Heavy Metals in Body
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Lead Poisoning

Lead is acquired from the earth and is employed in making paints, plastics and crystals for making their appearance more appeasing or for increasing their shelf life.

Lead poisoning occurs due to lead getting inside one’ system that causes blood lead levels to lie at or greater than 10 μg/dL. All infants residing in Detroit are at heightened risk of developing lead poisoning.

Lead poisoning Symptoms:

  • Sluggish or retarded growth.
  • Auditory loss.
  • Difficulties in learning.
  • Behavioural aberrations.

Lead sources present in and around the vicinity of one’s home

  • Those residences that were constructed prior to 1978 and which have cracks, peeling or chipping paints.
  • Presence of exposed soil around old houses and close to freeways.
  • Playthings that are manufactured outside the U.S.
  • Old painted furnishings.
  • Water flowing out from old piping.

Precautionary Steps in case of lead presence in the house

  • In case the infant is younger than six years of age, then it is important to get him/her checked for lead poisoning once during the year.
  • In case one is residing in a rental home, then informing the landlord regarding any form of peel-off or flaking.
  • Running tap water for a minimal of two minutes prior to making use of it.
  • Avoiding usage of hot water from the tap.
  • Getting the kid to wash hands frequently, particularly so prior to eating one’s meals.
  • Keeping the house free from dust by using a damp mop with foamy detergents that must be done at an interval of once during every seven days.
  • Growing grass for concealing bare areas present in the yard.
  • Not allowing kids to play with toys that have been manufactured in other countries.
  • Having the kid consume a daily dietetic intake that is less in fat and rich in calcium.

Lead Trivia

  • Lead poisoning is a widely prevalent health issue noted commonly amongst infants in the younger age bracket.
  • Lead has a sweet taste, making kids crave for consuming greater amounts of it.
  • Infants below three years of age are at maximum risk due to their tendency of crawling and playing on the ground.
  • Infants might be offered free lead testing in few city health departments.