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How to be Healthy with Coffee

How to be Healthy with Coffee
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Various research results by the experts found that women who drank five cups or more coffee a day, proved to have the possibility to avoid the attack of breast cancer, How to be healthy with coffee?. Not only that, coffee was also able to reduce the impact of the attacks of various diseases. The study results of a research about how to be healthy with coffee conducted by the Greece experts found that consuming a cup of coffee per day can reduce blood pressure.

Research about how to be healthy with coffee

That’s because the antioxidants in healthy coffee can increases the production of nitric oxide in the body, which can reduce tension in the arterial wall. It causes the blood flow is not blocked and lowers the blood pressure. Bistol University also found that people who drink a cup of healthy coffee regularly, perform better in mental tests.

Another fact, 200 milligrams of caffeine in two cups of coffee can also fight the memory loss which related with dementia. University of Florida believe that caffeine can prevent the buildup of protein in the brain which linked to Alzheimer. If you consume the third glass of healthy coffee, then you will reduce the risk of cancer developing of the uterus until the fifth.

Another facts about how to be healthy with coffee

Still not sure? Researchers in Tokyo found that five cups of coffee a day may lower the risk of heart attack up to 75 percent. In fact, according to Wayne State University, you can reduce the risk of some skin cancer up to third in the sixth glass.

Startling fact is not? So, at least this info could be an alternative view of the facts that are circulating about the dangers of coffee. But remember, that everything that is over would have a devastating impact excessive. So, be wise lady.

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