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How to Boost Your Energy Levels

Feeling run down by the end of the day? Are the little things overwhelming you and making you feel like you’ve been run over by a truck?

How to Boost Your Energy Levels
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Just as the little things can wear you out, it is the little things which can invigorate. Here are some tiny changes which will have a great impact on your energy levels.

1. Eat more fresh fruit – Freshly picked organic fruit has fewer calories than deep fried fatty foods. The oils that you eat weigh down the body and make it sluggish. Fast food may be speedy, but it is definitely not nutritious. Switch out the chicken nuggets and fries for an apple or banana.

2. Eat foods rich in fiber – Fiber releases its energy slower, which means that you will receive steady energy over the course of your day. Foods which are high in fiber do not cause your blood sugar to spike like processed sugars. Have some apples with your oatmeal or a banana with your bran. That small change will give you a higher baseline level of energy.

3. Take the longer route – Park further out in the parking lot. Take the stairs for one flight. Walk around your desk a few times. Just a few minutes of physical exertion has a positive effect on your body. When you become acclimated to the extras, add some more into your routine. Physical exertion gives you extra energy that can be used throughout the entire day.

4. Take your vitamins – Vitamins reinforce the nutrients that you might be missing in your diet. A great multivitamin can make up for the lack of sunlight or the lack of leafy green vegetables. When your body is functioning at its optimal levels, you will feel better and have more energy.

5. Water, water, water – Your body is primarily water. It is used in nearly every major bodily system, clearing out wastes and assisting cells with communication. Sodas have sodium and sugar. Fruit juices have sugar. Water has none of that and it revitalizes and invigorates your immune system. With each glass of water you are bringing in more energy.

6. Get outside more regularly – Sunlight helps your body make vitamin D. Go outside every day and bask in the sunlight for around ten minutes. Walk around the parking lot. Walk to and from your vehicle which has been parked further away from your building. Drink in that extra sunlight and delight in its sensation. Sunlight can raise energy levels almost instantly.

7. Listen to good tunes – Listen to music that invigorates you. Jump around while you’re listening. Wave your arms, stomp around the desk and enjoy yourself. Don’t be afraid to put in music that keeps your rear moving. Your body wants to become more active with each of its activities.

Keeping your energy levels up is a matter of making some simple changes to your daily habits. By drinking one more glass of water, going outside for just a few minutes and listening to more great music, you become more motivated and energetic.