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How to Clean Faucet Head

Cleaning of bathroom faucets is an important part of your regular home cleaning agenda. However, unlike other components of your bathroom, cleaning the faucets might be really critical.

How to Clean Faucet Head
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Faucets in the bathrooms are made of sensitive material and therefore should be taken care of while attempting to clean them. Here are a few tips and techniques on cleaning bathroom faucets with care.

  • Check for the finish of your bathroom faucet. In most cases, the faucets have a chrome finish; however, there are other kinds of faucets available. You can check the information from the instruction manual of your faucet manufacture.
  • Start with normal cleaning of the faucet. Use a mild dish soap or normal water for cleaning the faucet completely. Next, wipe off any water spot from the faucet and buff the surface to get a shiny appearance.

How to Clean your Kitchen Faucet

  • If normal cleaning does not work the way you wanted and there are still rigid areas not clean yet, you can consider deep cleaning your faucet. Use vinegar in same amount of water, wet the cleaning cloth into this mix, and wipe off your faucet to see it clean. This will also help in removing any hard water spots and fingerprints from the surface of your faucet.
  • Clean the hidden areas of your faucet carefully. Normally, faucets have areas with dirt that can be hardly cleaned with pushing your hand directly. Therefore, you should use a small cleaning brush, or may be a toothbrush, to clean such areas.

Cleaning bathroom faucets requires you to be extra careful because the finish of you faucet may get impacted, unless you take precautions and measures. Clean faucets on the other hand remain germ free and are therefore safe for use.

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