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How to remove the Stretch Marks?

Stretch Marks
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The stretch marks occur when the middle layer of skin (dermis) is stretched to the point where its elasticity can not bear. The problem is often met after pregnancy of large change of the weight. In both cases the stretch marks are not beautiful and women are trying to remove them. The new stretch marks are red/purple in color, which is due to the micro-haemorrhages and inflammation of tissue accompanying the formation of new marks. After a while, the stretch marks takes a lighter color than your skin tone. The bright color is due to the fact that the natural production of collagen is distorted during the stretching of the dermis. The pregnant women get stretch marks most often in the last months of pregnancy, when the baby is growing rapidly. Over 75% of the women get stretch marks on the abdomen, but the marks can appear on the breast, thighs and buttocks too. It is important to know that the stretch marks can be treated in the early stages, when they are in red/purple color, but if they get white the removing of the stretch marks is really hard.


      Stretch Marks Prevention

The stretch marks prevention should start from the very beginning of the weight increase or pregnancy. The women should start treatment of the abdomen places with special cream in the first days of pregnancy, otherwise may be late and the formation of the stretch marks to start. To prevent and treat stretch marks you should eat foods rich in zinc and vitamins A, E, C. They participate in the formation of collagen, which is the basis of the skin’s strength and elasticity. If you do not get enough zinc and vitamins with the food, may start getting a medicaments, which are rich of them. Before you start taking vitamins you should ensure that they have high bioactive value, which means that its compound might be easily absorbed by the body. Important feature in prevention of stretch marks is also the hydration of the body, so getting more liquids and water will help you to decrease the formation of stretch marks in the skin.

Stretch Marks

      Stretch Marks Treatment

The treatment of the stretch marks is really contradictory and complicated issue. By their nature, the marks are a special type of skin disorder that can be erased by time, but very often it does not happen. There are a lot of home procedures and cosmetic products, which can help us to solve the problem with them. However, most of them are efficient, but most of them are not enough. There is no unified formula for stretch marks treatment, as each person’s skin has own structure and own features.

stretch mark removal on belly

Home procedures for stretch marks treatment:

• Mask with cocoa butter is really useful and even the most popular in the treatment of stretch marks. The mask can be done at home by mixing a half cup of cocoa butter, 1 tablespoon of wheat germ oil, 1 tablespoon of apricot kernel oil, 1 tablespoon of liquid vitamin E and 2 tablespoons grated beeswax. The mixture should be heated on a water bath until the beeswax is melted. Apply the cream over the stretch marks and use it before their full treatment. It should be applied after bath and at least 20 minutes before dressing, as otherwise will rub into clothing. The healing purposes of the cocoa butter are well known and include softening of the skin and maintain its elasticity.

• Mask with Shea Butter is the latest hit in the home treatment of stretch marks. The Shea butter is a natural source of vitamins A and E, which are very important for the healthy skin. To treat the stretch marks, rub the problem zones with Shea butter at least 2-3 times a day. Treatment continues until the full removing of the stretch marks.

• Massage oil with Aloe Vera will help you to remove the stretch marks, as the gel is known for its softening and healing effect of the skin. To create a massage oil with Aloe Vera should mix a half cup of olive oil, quarter cup of gel Aloe Vera, 4 Vitamin E capsules and 2 Vitamin A capsules. Apply over the stretch marks with massage movements once a day until the full removing of the problem.

• Leaf Lard is used frequently for prevention of stretch marks because it is very efficient and cheap. Its only negative feature is the smell, but if you can endure it definitely this is the best treatments for stretch marks. Apply it on the problematic areas after bath and 20 minuted before clothing. The skin will need to absorb the oil from the lard, which will increase its elasticity.

Cosmetics, Laser and Plastic Surgery for stretch marks removing

• Anti-Stretch marks creams should be chosen carefully. Look mostly for creams containing Retin A, which for example is the Tretinoin or Galenic Elancyl Corrector. In advanced stages of the stretch marks, the creams are not so efficient, because the treatment of white marks is really hard and may even need of therapy.

• Laser Therapy makes possible to remove the old stretch marks. The advanced stages of the stretch marks might not be treated good with the above mentioned technologies, so you will need of laser to solve this problem and remove them. The good is that it is not so expensive, but highly efficiency even for the white marks.

• Plastic Surgery is also an option for removing the old stretch marks, mostly in cases of hard pregnancy. The plastic surgery stretches the skin in the abdomen area, which helps also in treatment of the marks.

• Fractional laser skin renewal is an innovative approach in the treatment of stretch marks, which has not yet gained widespread. Unlike most other invasive methods, for this is considered that it could not lead to a worsening of the signs and the full treatment and removing of the Stretch marks is guaranteed.