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Increasing your productivity at work

What should you do in order to increase your productivity and to get maximum pleasure at work?

Increasing your productivity at work
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1. First of all you should be confident in all your actions. Don’t care about your memory failures, you’re not a robot or a computer, you can’t remember everything, you need some rest. It is already a proven fact that when you think constantly about something you don’t want to forget, there are more chances you’ll forget it than in case you’ll be simply doing your usual things.

2. Pay attention to your desktop. I’m sure that a desktop without a free space negatively influence your concentration. Besides, it is difficult to work or to find something in a mess.

3. When starting something learn all the instructions. Do not improvise, it will be much harder and you can even do your task once or twice more.

4. Develop a positive attitude toward the tasks you have to do. You must realize that a nice, pleasant for you task is easier to do and it won’t stress you.

5. When reading something use a pencil, underline everything what is important. Later it it will be much easier for you to use this info.

6. Manage your time. Set a certain terms for your tasks.

7. When working hard make short relaxations to your body and mind. A short rest will make you feel better, and later you’ll be able to go on working without feeling tired.

8. If you work with a computer, make a relaxation to your eyes. The influence will be the same as with the previous item.

9. Do one thing at a time. When you are reading, do not listen to music or talk to your colleagues. That won’t bring anything good.

10. If you are at work, think about your tasks, but not about your personal (family) things. That will also interfere with your concentration.

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