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Is Your Baby Towel Best For Your Baby?

I know as the parents we are just keen to make sure its best for our baby to the very smallest of the details. Your baby & its complete well being is the topmost important priority for you.

Is Your Baby Towel Best For Your Baby?
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But I believe that somehow that we get distracted from it among the frenzy of commercials. So here are few cautions & tips that would help you confirm that you are on right track.

Decisions you need to make:

As we all know that a baby towel should be at your side to minimize the loss of after bath heat from baby’s body. That’s thing, you know. We buy towel with best of our choices & that’s it. But its necessary to make sure that its best choice for baby, all right? Let’s see what are checking points, okay?

Best suited types:

In today’s standards, you have two pretty good options: Hooded towels & baby wrappers. Well, it’s kinda simple. A lot of heat – loss from baby’s head can be prevented by hoods on heads. But if you intend to keep baby with you while you work, baby wrapper would be the better option. Its complete wrap around the baby & baby can rest near the comforting chest of the parent, which would be really cozy & relaxing.

Baby Towel

Criteria for decision:

Once you have chosen the type of towel, the next thing is to look for is that it suits certain criteria:

  • Fast absorbing
  • Well suited for your baby for size & texture
  • Well suited to the sensitivity of the skin

Well, you gotta do what suit the best to your precious little one. But I would like to extend this with few other bathing tips for your cute kiddo, alright? In case your baby has a sensitive skin & eczema, you would need to have a special soap that would be best for the skin. A quality of towel should be taken into consideration to soothe the body with its soft cuddly touch.

Here is the last but definitely the real important one is to make sure not to rub the baby with towel for drying irrespective of the best towel or your hurry. Just pat the baby with feather touch, okay? Then let baby get completely dry in towel till baby is change into clothes.

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