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Jealousy and its harmful effect

Pathological jealousy – a disease that leads to terrible consequences. And it equally affects both sexes. Though male and female jealousy are a bit different.

Jealousy and its harmful effect
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If a woman is jealous she can make the life of her partner horrible, man’s jealousy is vice versa spontaneous but it can lead to serious consequences.

But that’s enough talking about disease-jealousy. Psychiatrists usually see it as a symptom of more serious mental illness. But ordinary jealousy is familiar to every one of us.

Very often jealousy affects men. And this is because of the woman’s desire to be attractive. Man considers it as a woman’s intention to find another partner. And because of this man does not even like when his woman becomes a leader at work or anywhere else, when she receives compliments. Everything is because of his self-love. And here begins this torture: Where are you going? When you’ll be back? You won’t go anywhere! etc.

The level of personal culture, the intention to be a leader in a family can also be the reasons for jealousy. Some men can constantly torture their women with their suspicions, other can even hit or kill. I heard of many cases when a lover killed his woman’s child because of her betrayal, when a husband killed all his family and himself because of a wife’s betrayal, etc. OK, this was all because of betrayal, but there are plenty of situations when people do terrible things without a reason.

It’s good when your partner is a bit jealous of you, it can be even romantic sometimes. But in general jealousy is a very dangerous thing. Scientists have proven that being jealous is one of the strongest types of stress that can affect men and women.

If someone is jealous they are constantly worried. And living in such a state won’t lead to anything good. It will affect their health, relationships with a partner, partner’s health, lifestyle in general.

To get rid of this negative feeling you need to understand that love means to take care of your partner, to love them, to adore them, to trust and believe them, and to forget about self-love. Only then they will see your true feelings and will pay back. If you love you should behave appropriately. Your jealousy won’t prove anything. And it refers both to men and women.

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