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Kids Photo Ideas – Make Your Child A Star

Frustration is what defines the feelings that parents have when they want to catch the personality of their children in photos, but they are only able to make a lousy picture.

Kids Photo Ideas
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You keep blaming the camera, but maybe the user is to blame. The modern cameras allow focus, face recognition and panorama, but we should not expect the camera to do everything. After all, photographers are artists and if you want to make your child a star, you will have to act like one. Here are a few Kids Photo Ideas that will make your kid a Facebook viral star.

Any camera is good?

The expensive cameras are recommended, but we are not millionaires to spend 2000$ for a filming device. However, a compact camera is accessible as price, and they are suited for professional filming and capturing.

Taking a good camera depends on your ability to “see”. Behind a camera, no matter how performing that is, you will need a vision. Nothing can be worse than a clear photo of an unclear landscape, and this is also true for the portraits.

Best Kids Photo Ideas:

Get Closer!

This is the best advice. The biggest mistake when we take photos of children is that we don’t get close enough. Unlike the camera, the human eye is used to observe details, obtaining information about the entire visual field. For example, you are aware of the satisfaction on the face of your child which plays 20 feet away, observing what happens around him also. With this complex information in your mind, the child might only look as another part of the photo. Maybe you will be happy about the photo, but it will not be a photo of your child. Close-ups are also good because they suggest a strict connection, bringing warm feelings in front of the camera, which are transmitted by the child.

So, get closer as much as possible. When you think that you are close enough, take another step forward. How close is…close? From our point of view, there is no such thing.

Get to his or hers level

Another common mistake is taking a photo of a child from the level of the adult. It is not entirely wrong, and it can have good results, but it is better to change the rule: take the photo from his level. Try to see the world as it is seen by your baby.

Use gentle lights

It is recommended not to take photos facing the sun. Even if this approach is good, generally, for landscapes and architecture, the portrait has some disadvantages. People have the tendency to protect their eyes when they face the light, so your child might look grumpy. Try sunset photos facing the sun, and those will become the best memories for your child.

Take photos in shadows. You will get interesting results. The contre-jour effect is supposed to hide details. Those create a strong contrast between lights and shadows, and they highlight shadows. However, with the help of the blitz, you can bring the details back, obtaining an aura around the subject.

Keep an eye on the background

The basic rule is to avoid backgrounds that attract the attention from the subject. Many times, you focus on the child, not observing the light behind the child that would ruin it, or the branch that grows out of his ear. Make a habit from looking around before taking the photos. Avoid contrasts, string lights and isolated colors in background.

Of course, every rule has its exceptions, and the rules stated there could also be broken sometimes. Check the photo immediately after taking it, and remake it if it does not look so great.

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