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Learning Activities for Toddlers at Home

Parents of toddlers know about the seemingly endless energy that young children have. When your children are toddlers, they are filled with both energy and wonder.

Learning Activities for Toddlers at Home
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Everything is new to them, and life is exciting. This is the perfect time to harness their wonder, and do plenty of learning activities for toddlers at home.

Toddlers are wide open windows for learning and development in almost every aspect. Their language, fine motor skills, and reasoning are all developing at rapid fire rate and they are interested in almost everything they see. All five senses are on high alert at this age and parents can teach their children through all of them!

There are so many different learning activities for toddlers at home that parents can do, and many of them involve things you already have laying around the house!

Some of the different types of activities you can do with them include:

Language activities

These can involve all four of the language arts: reading, writing, speaking and listening. Parents can play rhyming games with their children to help them get ready for phonics and word study. They can put on puppet shows, sing songs, retell familiar stories, or record letter sounds.

Fine motor skill activities

Educational activities for toddlers at home that focus on fine motor skills will involve the use of the muscles in your child’s fingers. Threading, sewing, beading, and building are all excellent ways to increase the control of these muscles which will eventually help them as they are learning to write. Picking up cotton balls with forceps, puzzle building and using Play Doh are also excellent ideas.

Math activities

For toddlers who are just learning about numbers, counting games are an excellent way to build their sense of numbers. They can count collections of interesting items and even start basic addition when you ask them “what if I add one more?”. Geometry is a great math activity for young children too. Shape recognition and matching is a fun way to play.

Art activities

Art activities can absolutely run the gamut depending on your creativity! There are a lot of great sites out there offering ideas for easy and simple art activities for toddlers. Painting with different materials is a super easy and fun place to start! Try painting with brushes, Q-tips, straws and whatever other creative item you can think of!

Critical thinking activities

Games that cause children to think critically are great learning activities for toddlers at home. Matching and grouping games are fun, as well as patterning activities.

Gross motor activities

Activities that encourage running, jumping, skipping, and hopping are great for increasing your toddler’s gross motor strength.

Science activities

There are wonderful science experiments that you can do at home with your toddler that are excellent learning activities. Toddles can learn a lot about the way the world around them works by hands-on discovery and observation.

Sensory activities

Sensory play is important for little ones, and is filled with great learning activities for toddlers at home. Try letting them play in shaving cream, or kinetic sand. Colored rice or small beans can be used for lots of different excellent sensory activities as well.

Just plain fun activities

The best types of learning activities for toddlers are the ones that are just plain fun! Games like hide and seek, building forts, and playing with toys together increase learning as well as the bond between parent and child!

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