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Main mistakes when getting acquainted

Perhaps, there's no man that succeed in everything, and getting acquainted with a woman or a girl is the best example of it.

Main mistakes when getting acquainted
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Plenty of men make different mistakes when getting acquainted. But what are these mistakes? How to avoid them?

Today I’ll try to help you find the answers. So, when you meet a girl (a woman) the main mistakes you can do, when trying to get acquainted, are:

1. Lack of self-confidence.
When you try to get acquainted with a girl being very shy, you will always fail. Remember about self-confidence. Don’t be shy. Feel you potential. And you will always succeed.

2. Don’t knowing the alternatives.
Don’t think that all women are the same, that they are evil, selfish etc. It’s a misconception. Yes, there are plenty of such girls, but not all are the same. Remember that if you fail when getting acquainted, you can always try again. The more you try, the more chances are for your success.

3. The exaggeration of the advantages
Lie isn’t a good thing in general, and especially when getting acquainted or when having the first date. When you try not to mention your disadvantages it’s ok, but when you are constantly boasting it will very negatively influence the girl’s impression.

4. Getting a girl drunk.
Forget about big amounts of alcohol. When having the first date or when getting acquainted you can pour only a few drops. The same is with you. Don’t drink too much. It won’t impress any girl.

5. Getting obsessive.
Don’t be too obsessive. This kind of behavior will only arouse fear. In general women do not like obsessive men.

6. Wanting to know everything.
You meet a new girl, you like her, and you are trying to learn something about her. But notice, here the keyword is something, but not everything. When you want to know everything, you’ll become annoying. It will be the same mistake as the previous one.

7. Smoking all the time.
Smoking in general is a very bad habit. It ruins your health. And I doubt that any woman will like this habit. Even if she also smokes, she won’t like if you talk to her and make her breathe your smoke.

8. Negative emotions.
Besides, there’s perhaps no girl that will like to get acquainted with a person who is constantly complaining. Forget about this and other negative emotions. They won’t impress anybody.

In fact, a woman evaluates a man during the first few seconds. So, try to make a good impression. Remember what you like in other people, and try to behave like that.

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