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Muslim Dresss Fahion Trend News

Muslim Dress Fashion Trend News is about some of the Muslim dress fashion trend favored by many women. Muslim dress fashion trend increasingly in demand by women.

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Starting from the caftan, abaya, tunic and a few more. Muslim dress fashion trend could become a trend for a long time, can be up to two or three years, and then changed. Because, Muslim dress fashion trend did not participate in the fashion trend globally such as Summer, Winter, and so on. Here are some of the Muslim dress fashion trend favored by many women.

Muslim dress fashion trend, here they are

1. Tunic
The first Muslim dress fashion trend is tunic. Tunic derived from the word tunica meaning loose clothing that covers the chest, shoulders and back. Tunic initially also used by men. But, then identical with women’s clothing because tunic is loose and closed curves of the women’s body. Tunic can be used by anyone, because of its loose, so that this Muslim dress fashion trend can disguise the shape of the body. However, for owners of body fat and short, should you choose that is not too long tunic. For color, you should select the same color of tops and bottoms.

Tunic muslim dress fashion trend

2. Caftan
The next Muslim dress fashion trend is caftan. Caftan comes from Persian. Kaftan often worn as clothing to ward off the heat. Therefore, at first caftan is made so long, and made of thick material, that is Egyptian solid cotton but not hot. But in the development of the Muslim dress fashion trend, caftan is made from materials such as silk chiffon, cotton chiffon, silk, satin or French cotton. Kaftan basically suitable for anyone, except who have short and small body because it will make them ‘drown’. For owners of fat body, this Muslim dress fashion trend can actually disguise flaws.

Caftan muslim dress fashion trend

Muslim dress fashion trend, the last dress

3. Abaya
The last Muslim dress fashion trend is abaya. Abaya is a Muslim dress fashion trend that have square and straight cut, but there are splits on both sides, and reaches to the calf. Because of that abaya must be combined with a skirt or trouser. Abaya made from a material that is not very glamorous such as kaftan. However, in development of this Muslim dress fashion trend, abaya made from certain materials by considering the elastic element, such as cotton, silk, or satin. Abaya can be worn by anyone, whether fat, skinny, or short, because this Muslim dress fashion trend is loose able to disguise body shape.

Abaya muslim dress fashion trend

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