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Purple Home Decor Ideas

Purple Home Decor Ideas by 4 Famous Designers is about 4 famous designer and their purple home decor ideas.

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According to New York designer Alex Papachristidis, purple is divine as an accent or as a wall color. Alex Papachristidis think of purple home decor ideas as a neutral—it looks wonderful with mossy green, a bit of yellow, red, and aqua blue. Purple home decor ideas is rich and lush, and has an incredibly regal quality.

Purple home decor ideas, here the designers

In the purple home decor ideas of downtown apartment bellow, all the other colors are offset by the painted purple walls, said Alex Papachristidis. He used a pair of purple chairs, purple lampshades, a green curtain fabric with purple as an accent, and round cream and purple straw-like rugs to relate back to the walls.

Grant K. Gibson like a lighter shade of purple that’s closer to pink, like lilac. Bellow is a purple home decor ideas of teen girl’s bathroom in an Elle Decor showhouse. Lining the walls with this lilac grass cloth by Phillip Jeffries gave the room real depth and texture. That is a light lavender, grayish, pinky purple color that also made it a bit less feminine than if we had used pink alone.

The next designers of purple home decor ideas

“Purples have that funny balance between cool and warm— they can be somewhere in between,” says Oliver M. Furth. Purple home decor ideas bellow is a dark sitting room with a rich plum color—Pratt & Lambert’s Deep Orchid. The walls are painted super flat, and I used the same color on the ceiling, but in high gloss. The whole room is womb-like and envelops you.

And according Marie Turner, purple is sexy and unexpected. The purple upholstery in the purple home decor ideas bellow was inspired by the home’s natural surrounding. In the fall, the brush on the river turns a brilliant and bright eggplant. This color resonated so strongly that it became a voice for the great room. It was bold in their neutral palette, but brought life and vitality to the room.