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Romantic and Sensual Valentine’s Day Ideas

Doing things together makes a Valentine's Day really special. Get inspired for some really romantic and sensual things you can do together with your Valentine to make this Valentine's Day truly memorable and fun.

Romantic and Sensual Valentine's Day Ideas
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1. Romantic Hot Spots at Home

Find a romantic spot within your home to romance away the evening. Dress up the spot with candles and flowers and/or plan what special activity you can do there together. It could be sipping wine, watching a movie, cooking together or anything else you truly enjoy doing with your partner. If you are married and have kids, just lounging together and talking about ‘non serious’ stuff is in itself a great thing to do on Valentine’s Day.

Finding a romance spot right at home also gives you the luxury of ‘not having to drive back‘ after a fun and relaxing hour.

Our top favorite romantic spots within the home are:

Bath Tub or Jacuzzi

The bathroom is the perfect place for a romantic rendezvous. Create a comfortable warm temperature. Light a few candles, put on romantic music and make a bath ready. Use rose petals and soft fragrant bubble bath depending on your mood. Invite your lover in by a trail of rose petals.


Especially in the colder months, and during cool nights, the fireplace is an excellent place for a romantic date. For added ambience, place candles around the open fire, spreads a soft blanket and put out your favorite treats to nibble. Share a glass of wine, cuddling together, talking together or play a game.


An often overlooked romantic hot spot is your own bedroom. Since it is your own bedroom, it gives an immediate sense of confidence and is the perfect place for a relaxed, sensual evening. Use luxurious linens, lit the room with candles and turn romantic music. Alternatively, you could watch a romantic movie or give massages.

Under the Stars

Head out in the garden or on the balcony, if you have one, and get cozy with your partner inside a warm blanket watching stars and sipping wine.

The Loft

Your attic can be a romantic hideaway. Hang some paintings on the walls, prop a mattress on the floor with lots of pillows and a soft blanket and you are ready for a secret rendezvous with your Valentine.


Good food and romance go hand in hand, so it is no surprise that the kitchen is a part of this list for romantic hot spots. Have a romantic cookout together and then enjoy the prepared meal right in the kitchen.

2. Romantic Breakfast in Bed

Start the morning right and all the day can not go wrong. Surprise your beloved with a delicious breakfast in bed. Some ideas for a romantic breakfast in bed are:

  • Cut vegetables into cubes, hearts or fun shapes

  • Cut strawberries in the shape of hearts

  • Make thin pancakes, and pour chocolate syrup or jam to write “I Love You” or make a heart shape.

  • Bake waffles in a heart-shaped waffle maker

  • Server freshly squeezed fruit juice and coffee or tea

  • Buy the muffins and croissants from the baker and warm them up in the morning

  • Serve freshly baked rolls in different sizes and variations

  • Make a toast with the words: I love you or a Heart Shaped Raspberry Jam Toast.

  • Make the breakfast very special by serving champagne

  • Bake cookies in the shape of hearts

  • Muesli and yogurt or cottage cheese or fresh (red) fruits

  • See more Valentine’s Day Breakfast Recipes

  • Hide a love poem inside the breakfast

  • Put a red rose on the tray

  • Put candles on the tray

  • Sprinkle rose petals on the tray

If you have kids, you can either choose to involve them or give them breakfast in their own beds.

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