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Self-Help Home Pregnancy Kits

Could one be suspecting a pregnancy? Prior to darting off to the medical store to grab a test, it is vital that one comprehends their working mechanism, the manner in which it is done and the startling facts regarding the idyllic time to get it done.

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The Working Mechanism :

Home Pregnancy Tests function by identifying the presence of the hormone hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin)- the sure-shot pregnancy indicator which the placenta produces. With all tests fundamentally operating in analogous manner, one doesn’t need to shell out any additional moolah for a particular product.

The Idyllic Time to take a Home Pregnancy Test :

Most of the blaring television commercials are perennially brainwashing one into believing that the test could be carried out as early as five days prior to the due date of the subsequent period. Though, the crucial element that these commercials conveniently skip is that there are several women that fail to produce enough amounts of the hCG hormone for the test to diagnose a pregnancy that early on.

Robert Resnick, M.D., Professor Emeritus of Reproductive Medicine at the University of California, at San Diego School of Medicine states that in majority of the women, subsequent to around fifteen days after conceiving, the hCG hormone production is adequate enough to lead to an affirmative outcome. Hence, unless one desires to spend extra for a multitude of tests, and probably drive oneself insane pondering over the false negative outcome, it is always prudent to wait till at least the expected date of the onset of one’s period.

The Idyllic Time to take a Home Pregnancy Test

The Right Way of Taking the Test :

Firstly, one needs to ascertain that the test being employed has not gone past its expiry date. The foremost urine during the day is deemed to be of the highest concentration and hence the ideal time to conduct the test, though the similar outcome might be noted when done on any other time during the day. It is imperative to initially scan past the instructions prior to peeing on the stick and then wait for the time specified to get the outcome. Some tests would provide a result of 1 or 2 lines, few would display a plus or minus sign, while there are others that would give a digital outcome or a decisive result such as ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

Would the Doctor’s Clinic be the better venue for Testing? :

Generally, the tests conducted at the obstetrics and gynaecologist clinics are quite identical. Though, a more accurate and sensitive blood analysis could be additionally done at the doctor’s clinic in case one have got a negative outcome, but are still wondering about the presence of pregnancy.

Would the Doctor’s Clinic be the better venue for Testing?

Is a False-Positive Outcome a possibility? :

Dr. Resnick has stated that it is an extremely atypical occurrence to get a false positive outcome. Nonetheless, if the test outcome is negative, and one has not yet got the period, then a re-test could be conducted within the upcoming one to two days. The outcome might be due to inadequate hCG hormone levels that failed to get detected during the test.

In case of a light positive test outcome wherein a very faint line is observed and one is unsure, then one is most probably pregnant and it would be practical to wait for a couple of days and then do a re-test or request for a blood analysis from one’s gynaecologist.

A Positive Test Outcome :

Hearty congrats, to the would-be momma! As soon as one has broken the merry news to one’s mate, one needs to book the foremost pre-natal appointment with one’s gynaecologist.

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