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Sleeping Positions and Personality of Women

Sleeping Positions Women
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Woman Personality: Know It by Their Sleeping Position is about knowing woman personality through their sleeping position. Without realizing it, women slept in the same position every night. Their sleep more soundly with that position. According to Robert Phipps, a body language expert, it shows their personality. Research conducted on 1,000 adults in the UK by choosing a sleeping position and ask for opinions from them. Here the Woman Personality: Know It by Their Sleeping Position.

Woman personality, here the sleeping position

Robert Phipps explained that 58 percent of people sleep in the Fetal position, which is sleeping on the side with legs bent upward and both hands united like hugging bolsters. This position shows that the type of woman often anxious or worried. They tried to take comfort zone after a stressful day.

The log position, 28 percent of women fell asleep in that position, slant bed with both legs straight and hands forming number one. That position shows that you people are stubborn. You have a character that is quite rigid in thinking and inflexible. You may prefer to set another person for the purpose of self-development and like new challenges.

The third popular position is Yearner. Asleep with hands stretched forward and legs straight. It is revealed that you are chasing a dream. You are the type of person who is always eager to face the next day for dreams. – Woman Personality: Know It by Their Sleeping Position

Woman personality, the last sleeping position

Last is the position of Freefallers, that 17 percent of respondents who classify themselves sleeping in this position. Freefallers is sleeping face down with both arms stretched. It is considered the most comfortable sleeping position by adults. Slept like this shows that you are the type of women who live life for what it is.

“Freefallers tend to undergo what is going on around them so that they are unable to control what happens,” said Phipps quoted from the Telegraph.

Sleeping Positions Women

Four sleeping position was chosen to relieve stress after a tiring day. They can be more soundly with such a position. “It’s important to get a good night so we wake up refreshed and ready by the next day,” explained Claire Haigh, spokeswoman for Premier Inn. – Woman Personality: Know It by Their Sleeping Position

Look again this, knowing woman personality through their sleeping position

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