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Sofa Background of Living Room Home Design

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You may choose at will the sofa background of your living room. But in order to display your living room more beautiful, please read this living room ideas which gives two options of living room design with each unique living room furniture to create the look of your home becomes more beautiful and comfortable.

Comfortable living room catalogs

Comfortable living room catalogs

The first living room ideas, the selected wall surfaces is darker, more brown-colored or “honey brown”, seen in the picture with additional wooden ledge that is not too wide serves to bring the collections black and white frame photos or monochrome collections. Personal items such as modern vases, books and nice photo picture, change the style of more personal and gives the impression of chic style. Coupled with a pretty motif pillow and have a texture that will make this living room design feel more comfortable.

Sofa Background of Living Room

Create a new shades for your living room

The second living room ideas, the wall on one side of the living room is added with the wallpaper panel to brings another atmosphere.  Size of wallpaper panel deliberately did not the entire size of the wall to give more prominent display of the left and right walls. Select the new wallpaper collections with patterned of “nice floral inspiration”. Choice of contrasting-colored pillows that will create a new shades.