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Spring Summer 2019 trends in Dresses

summer dresses model
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The dress is the best way to identity each female. According to many fashion specialists and experts it is undisputed the queen of the Spring-Summer 2019. The attitude of most women to the dress is a little contradictory. Maybe because at younger game their mothers dressed them in cute doll dresses with puffed raised sleeve, which is terrible for each young lady.

That is why most teenagers perceive the uniform jeans-shirt-jacket and prefer to get away from the dresses, until they pass this period of ages. In this period of life even the thought of a dress fills them with horror and indignation.

spring fashion 2019

Of course are are all getting older and the moment, when the dress becomes actual in each woman’s wardrobe, comes too quickly. The dress is suitable for any time of day. Meanwhile, it is much more practical than jeans, as it gives a freedom of movement so that you can easily catch a tram, metro, dancing, cycling and etc. Compared with the dress, most of the jeans give much more limits, mostly those with low waist. With a dress, everything is simple, as once you’ve liked your dress, you just need to think about appropriate footwear. Some pair of ballerinas by day and high-heeled sandals for evening will do a great job for you. The dress can be compared with some classical jacket or coat if needed.

   Of course the most fashion trends for dresses this season are the colorful ones, which are proper for the daily usage and let the summer comes in your day. But for more official cases and events you can use Little small dress or other official options from the fashion podium. pf course there are many options but the colorful dresses are quite popular for the beach and your vacation. Even can use such at work, if your job is not extremely official. otherwise you may trust the classical Little Black Dress or other white or black color dresses.