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Swimming Therapy: Fun and Cure The Illnesses

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Swimming Therapy: Fun and Cure The Illnesses is about fun water therapy exercises with swimming therapy. Swimming is a very fun sport. Because of this, swim much liked, especially by those who want to burn calories but do not like it when sweating out too much. Swimming is also much preferred, because it can be used as a therapy (swimming therapy) to reduce certain illnesses. Interestingly, swimming therapy does not require special skills.

Swimming therapy to cure the back and shoulder pain

Swimming therapy can be used as a therapy to train flexibility of the joints, stretching stiff muscles, muscle strength training, and strengthen heart muscles. From that benefits, the swimming therapy is able to reduce interference on joint pain, asthma or shortness of breath, and tighten the muscles.

The greatest benefit when swimming is to train the body’s joints flexibility. Because, swimming involves the movements in the water that could train all joints. Strength of the joints is sometimes reduced if rarely used. But, by doing the movements in the water (swimming therapy) will give you a sense of relaxation.

Swimming therapy can also be used for stretching, for example, to stretch the muscles are rigid. By swimming coupled with fresh water and water temperatures that support, the muscles become relaxed, so that the rigidity muscle can be cured. The function from this stretch can also be used by people who often have complaints of back and shoulder pain.

Maximize the heart work with swimming therapy

In addition, the water in a swimming pool give pressure on the body. So swimming therapy able to train muscle strength, one of which strengthen the flabby muscles due to exercise rarely. Such as strengthening the arm muscles, that will look attractive for women if the conditions are tight. Moreover, swimming therapy also can train the quadriceps muscle strength which reduces knee pain disorders.

And without realizing it, swimming therapy can also strengthen the heart muscles. Even it could be to for patients with asthma and shortness of breath. Because, the movements in the water, such as breaststroke, involving several muscles such as the back, shoulders, and chest muscles. “But more importantly than that, swimming is included in the cardio workout, so they can make the heart muscle is working maximally to pump blood,” said one medical rehabilitation specialist doctor.

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