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Talent Show Ideas For Kids

The cold season forbids you to enjoy the activities that you used to do with your child in the park, but this does not mean that you should leave the child in front of the TV all day long! Whether we are talking about a boy or a girl, the child must always have a constructive occupation. Here are some Talent Show Ideas for Kids that you can easily “arrange” at home.

Talent Show Ideas For Kids
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Using Dolls

This game is mostly suited for girls, but your boy might also like it. The dolls can become the perfect actors in a theater play. You can recreate a popular movie, which is liked by your child, or you can even come up with an original story. It is one of the most demanding Talent Show Ideas For Kids, because it stimulates the children to create scenarios, and to put the “characters” in different situations.

Giving life to stories

The dolls are perfect actors, especially because they don’t have caprices as the Hollywood stars, but how about playing the role by yourself? Reading stories might be transformed in the funniest activity, being the perfect method to keep the child fit. Choose a story in which many things happen, such as an adventure book. Maybe Pirates of the Caribbean could be a good idea? While you read to your child, ask him to do what he hears.


It is time for you and your child to transform into small animals, and this is the perfect occasion to teach the child about animals, colors, shapes and objects. Write many notes with the name of animals, and put those in a bowl. Extract one note at a time, and imitate that animal. The child must guess what animal that is, and also to say a few things about it.


Another fun idea that implies dancing is to put many toys together, which represent the “pot” of the game. Then, the members of the family must dance until you press the pause button during a melody. In that moment, all the dancers must “freeze” in their positions. The person that manages to remain in the same position for a longer time wins the pot. This activity is delicious with a group of kids, as when they stand still, the children will begin to laugh, and this makes the game more difficult.

The colored road

Buy simple paper sheets, and put them all over the floor, mixing the colors. You should choose about 4 colors, and then you must put the child to walk across the room, trying to step only on one color. Then, change the course by mixing the colors again. It is like a kid’s Twister, but make sure not to put the sheets too far one from the other, as you risk accidents.

Balloon volley

Volley usually means two persons, at least. Well, the child can play even alone, if you choose a balloon instead of a ball. Teach him how to hit the balloon running from one part to the other of the room. You can also enter the game now and then, if you don’t want to get bored. It is a nice way to consume energy, and to maintain the same physical tonus.

Hide and seek

You probably think that you don’t have a huge house, but it is enough to put the child to work! The kids love this game. you can play together, and you can also call some of his or hers friends! It is always a successful idea, especially for kids aged 3 to 9.

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