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Tricks for Better Hair Volume

The hair is one of the most important features of the beauty for each woman. It is not necessary to have a diploma in hairdressing and hairstyles to achieve lightness and volume in your hair.

hair volume
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It is enough to follow a few simple instructions and procedures to have really beautiful, soft and shining hair. Definitely to be beautiful, you should care about your hair and to apply the necessary procedures regularly.

Hair Volume Tricks

The first step to reach the needed volume of your hair is after washing to dry it with a towel. If you use foam or lotion, be more frugal with quantities, mostly in the roots because they made it grease and aggravate it additionally. After that in use shall blow withering already damp hair. Direct the hot spray directly to the roots, as raises the hair there, with a round brush. Better to forget for the cruel capped because it’s the perfect way to tangle and damaged hair permanently. You can capped only slightly at the base a few small strands on both sides of the head and fix them with a little hairspray. This will give you large volume, without a serious damages of the hair and will stay for longer in any cases.

Hair Volume Long

   The hair should be treated very carefully and should not be worry if the volume disappear during the day. In such cases you can use the dry shampoo, which will absorbs excess sebum and return to the volume in a second. You will just need several injections of it into the hair roots and gently ruffling fingers, which will return the beauty of your hair and all its volume.

Hair Volume Curls