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Valentine’s Day Decorating Ideas

Whether you are dating someone and plan to invite your Valentine to your home this February 14th or you are married and want to celebrate this special day at home with your dear hubby, the first thing you need to do is to create a romantic atmosphere in your home.

Valentine's Day Decorating Ideas
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You will find these ideas helpful in getting you started with your Valentine’s Day decorating:

The Entrance

The first impressions to your door must say ‘Love is in the air’. You can achieve that effect by little touches here and there. Add a door hanger with dangling hearts or a pocket full of fresh garden roses. You can also add a bright and cheery Valentine’s Day wreath to welcome your Valentine.


Co-ordinate your linen, curtains, rugs etc. in shades of reds and pinks. Dangle some soft red or pink hearts from one side of your mirror. Heart-shaped balloons tied to a bed post or a window will bring romance right into your rooms. Place small and large flower arrangements of roses and other flowers in red, pink and white. Just like flowers, candles are a must. Float candles with flowers in glass bowls or arrange a cluster of pillars on the mantel or on side tables.

Kids Rooms

Let kids construct their own paper heart chains, paper heart mobiles etc. and decorate their rooms with them. Pin their handmade Valentines on their bulletin boards. Place small, non-breakable vases on their table and fill them with silk roses. Soft toy shops have a huge range of cute bunnies and teddies with hearts. Buy a larger one from a dollar store and place it on an empty chair in the kids room. The kids will love it!


Bring out your soft toys and arrange them on the mantel. Place red, felt hearts in the hands of teddies and bunnies. Tie smaller hearts with their ribbon loops around the necks of doggies. Get creative and give every toy a ‘Valentine’ look. Alternatively, place a flower arrangement in shades of red, in the center of the mantel and surround it on both sides with clusters of candles of different shapes in shades of reds and pinks.


Your local garage sales will give you lots you can use to add more ‘Valentine’s Day’ spirit to your home. Lookout for little things such as a heart-shaped rug, valentine print coffee mugs, heart-shaped lighted wreath, Valentine soft toys, fabric hearts and silk rose decorations etc. Add them to various corners of your home and you will find that indeed – Love is in the air!

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