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Valentine’s Day Decorating on ‘Hearts’ theme

Express all your Heartfelt feelings this Valentine's Day by planning a decorating theme revolving around 'HEARTS'.

Valentine's Day Decorating on 'Hearts' theme
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This special day dedicated to love and lovers certainly calls for something as romantic as this. Celebrating-ValentinesDay.com brings you a bunch of ideas for a heart-themed Valentine’s Day decoration.

1. Start with door knobs (and other knobs – drawers, closets, cabinets etc.). Adorn door knobs with felt or polymer clay souvenir hearts (you can make them or buy them for cheap). The hearts usually have ribbon or string loops for hanging them.

2. Make garlands using paper or felt hearts by stringing them together. Hang these garlands as swags on doors or windows.

3. Decorate a Valentine’s Day wreath and decorate it by gluing small red felt hearts.

4. Decorate a Valentine’s Day Tree and decorate it by hanging red or pink felt hearts with ribbon loops. Alternatively, hang heart-shaped cinnamon cookie cutouts. Place heart-shaped paper-mache boxes at the base.

5. Arrange rose petals to form a thick heart shape on the table or your bed.

6. Fill little heart-shaped bowls with rose potpourri and place all over the house.

7. Place heart-shaped potpourri sachets in your clothes, drawers, linen closet etc. You can find here directions to make

8. See if you can round up some heart-shaped objects like fridge magnets, photo-frames, dishes, heart-shaped candles etc. and use them around the house.

9. Using heart-print sheets will make things too carried away, but little details like hand-towels, candy-dishes etc. with a heart print will gracefully add to the theme.

Apart from decorating, take your theme to your kitchen by baking heart-shaped cakes, muffins, cookies, tarts etc. and choosing gifts such as an exquisite heart-shaped pocket watch in a small heart-shaped box.

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