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Valentine’s Day Decorating with Roses

Roses have been the eternal favorite of lovers across the world since ages. What better way to decorate for Valentine's Day that use Roses everywhere!

Valentine's Day Decorating with Roses
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We have listed some beautiful ideas for using roses and rose motifs in your decor for the romantic day.

Using Real Roses

1. Start the day with heartfelt message. Leave a handwritten note amidst a heart made of rose petals.

2. Have fun at the breakfast table by adding a surprise ‘Rose Dish’ to other dishes. Place floral foam in a dish and fill with roses. Add to the other dishes at the table.

3. Place rose themed flower arrangements all over the house – on the tables, mantles, walls etc.

4. Place a Rose Wreath on your door.

5. Add silk roses to readymade garlands and valances and adorn your curtains and staircases with them.

4. Float roses in a bowl of water.

5. Float rose petals in your bath tub and arrange for a lovely romantic bath for two.

6. Place roses or rosebuds between fruits in a fruit bowl or among knick-knacks placed in shadowboxes or in the chandelier.

7. Place a love note or poem in an open diary decorated with roses and pearls.

8. Place rose potpourri in bowls.

9. Tuck roses in curtain tiebacks.

10. When it is time for dinner, gift a bottle of champagne in a box filled with roses.

11. Gift a hand tied bouquet or red roses mixed with greens and some more smaller red flowers.

12. Place roses or rosebuds in a vase for a centerpiece.

13. Place a long stemmed rose at each place setting or tie it with a ribbon to a rolled dinner napkin making a napkin ring.

14. Scatter rose petals on your bed over a white bed sheet for more romance.

15. Place a bowl of water and float aromatic roses in it by the bedside.

Rose Motifs and Perfume

1. Use linen, table covers, napkins, place mats etc. which have roses in them.

2. Gift a card that has rose motifs or photos in it,

3. Use rose perfumed sanitizers, home fragrances, soaps etc.

4. Add a few drops of rose essential oil in the water used for fresh flower arrangements or for floating roses.

5. Use rose shaped candles to float in a bowl of water.

6. Fold dinner table napkins as roses for your special romantic dinner.

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