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Valentine’s Day Love Spells

Cast a love spell this Valentine's Day and charm your Valentine! The age old art of Wicca and spells can be used to enhance your love moods and attract your Valentine on this special day

Valentine's Day Love Spells
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Far from being a spooky ritual, this combination of words and actions can be a beautiful, soul searching experience for you and your true love.

Setting the Mood

It is very important that you are in a calm mood when casting magic spells. Keep aside all worries about tomorrow’s shopping schedule, cooking dinner, your credit card payment and everything else. Go for a relaxing and calming bath and wear something you are comfortable in. Choose a room or place where you will sit and cast the spell. The place should be free from TV and other such distractions. Some romantic music in the background in low tones will help set the mood.

Gathering What You Will Need

You will need a small table to use as an Altar. Cover it with red or pink cloth for casting your Love Spell. Light red or pink candles and this should be the only lighting in the room. Any herbs, incense or crystals that you have can also be used. Especially lavender, vanilla, honeysuckle and gardenia are used for Love Spells. Some

Casting the Spell

First, conjure up images of what you would like to make happen. Then, try to block all negative things stopping you from getting the love you want. A powerful way to do this is through meditation and chanting. In addition, beauty spells will help you look more beautiful in the eyes of your lover and help attract a new lover.

Some Simple Love Spells

1. Use a Charm. A magically charged charm like your lover’s photo or locks of hair should be worn or kept under your pillow. To keep your lover faithful, take a miniature photo of his and smear with oil that has been soaked for three days in rosemary leaves.

2. Take one photo each of you and your lover and keep then place them face-to-face and tie them with a pink or red ribbon and keep in a safe place.

3. To bring back your lover to you, bring a copper tube. Write your lover’s name on a piece of paper seven times, roll the paper and slid it inside the metal tube and close the tube with hot pliers. Wear this tube around your neck in a black yarn for seven days.

4. Take a lock of your lover’s hair and twist it nine times with a lock of your hair and place in a locket or in a ring and wear it at all times.

5. Carve your initials in a fig and feed it to your lover to keep him faithful to you.

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