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Valentine’s Day Party for Older Couples

Valentine’s Day is a time for celebrations and exchanging happiness. Anyone, regardless of age, race and creed can become a part of the merriment.

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The only condition to celebrate Valentine’s Day is to be in love. It can be anyone. Everyone has his or her own way of celebrating the occasion, which could be having either a rocking party or a quiet candlelight dinner together. Every couple wants to be together on this day, be it young or old. Here are some Valentine’s Day party ideas for older couples.

Sending Invitations

  • If you are considering organizing a party at home, you may start sending out invitations at least two weeks in advance. Children have the capability to be creative on such occasions. Therefore, you may ask your grand children to craft out your invitation cards. They can use red decorative paper and render it a shape of the heart. Invite a bunch of all your old friends. The party should be a get together for all family friends and relatives. After all, you are going to relive your past memories.

Valentine's Day Sending Invitations


  • Decorate your home with flowers like roses, daisies and jasmines to appeal to different moods. Balloons play a major role in every party. Color scheme of red pink, purple and white will be the ideal ones. Craft out some larger hearts out of construction paper and have them dangling from the ceiling using yarns, threads, and streamers. You may add love quotes on the hearts too.
  • Pen down your and your partner’s name on two large hearts and hang them from a chandelier over the central table.

Party Activities

  • You may select a party theme like ballroom dancing. Mention about your party theme in your invitation card. This will help all the guests to come dressed up for the occasion.
  • This is the day to boost up your spirits and to feel young at heart. As the host couple, you may have your names on the cake. Set a soft piece of music rolling in the background.
  • You may practice your steps a few days before the occasion. After all, as the host couple, you have to be the winner. Both of you must select a gift for each other. Be sure to conceal it from each other until the day arrives.
  • As your guests arrive, escort them in a special way. As they arrive, hand over a rose to each one of them. They will surely appreciate this gesture of yours.

Valentine's Day Party for Older Couples

Menu Suggestions

Your Valentine’s Day menu may have hot peppered candied walnuts, mélange of vegetables, shrimps, wild mushrooms, heart shaped cake and cookies, and your favorite cocktail. As you are throwing the party to celebrate Valentine’s Day, the evening should be dipped in the colors of love. Moreover, your menu must include desserts. The desserts may have some of your partner’s favorite ice cream. However, the traditional dessert to be served on the occasion is raspberries and strawberries in well-blended natural yoghurt. Your guests could have a real lip-smacking time while finishing off the goodies.

As the time to present the token of your love to your partner arrives, raise a toast to your Valentine and read out a speech appreciating your sweetheart and her contribution to your life. You may add the description of the best moments that you have spent together, and some witty messages about the ways she may have bailed you out when you were in trouble. You may read out a love poem in her honor and present the long awaited secret gift. This way you will certainly capture the heart of your Valentine once again.

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