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Valentine’s Day Symbols

When you start floating in love and when the time has come to express the deep rooted emotions to your lover then you will start visualizing the symbols related with valentine.

Valentine's Day Symbols
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What are the common symbols of Valentine’s Day?

Angels, flowers, hearts, doves and candy are the first things which will come to your mind when you think of Valentine’s Day. It is commonly associated with Valentine’s Day. There are numerous symbols related with Valentine’s Day and these symbols are often marked in gifts and other tokens of love which are delivered on Valentine’s Day. When the Valentine’s Day celebration starts then you can find out fat, cute looking cupids and other symbols in Archie’s Gallery and other stores.

What do the Roses symbolize?

Roses symbolize love, friendship, compassion and peace. It’s an interesting fact that if the letters of the word “rose” is rearranged; you will get “Eros” the God of love. Not only red roses but also roses of other colors are also given on Valentine’s Day to express different messages. The red color is related with powerful feelings. It is a color of love and it’s the favorite flower of the Roman goddess Venus who is known as the goddess of love.

Why do you consider the Heart as the symbol of love?

The heart represents love in its purest form, so it becomes the hottest symbol of Valentine’s Day. Giving your heart to someone means you are giving the most precious and vital thing from you. The heart symbolizes life. Love is related with heart so heart becomes the most important symbol of Valentines Day. Love doesn’t know age, religion, country etc and you may just fall in love with anyone.

How do Birds become the symbol of love?

“Lovebirds” is the word frequently used to denote deep loving couples. It is strongly believed that birds find their companion on Valentine’s Day. Pigeons and doves are the symbols of loyalty. We all have heard the word “lovebirds”, but many of us don’t know which bird is really called as lovebird. Lovebirds are in fact colorful parrots mostly found in Africa and the reason why they are called as lovebirds is that they used to sit in pairs. Doves are the symbols of purity, virtue and humility. The bird dove is really the pinnacle of love and loyalty, because they do not separate from their partners or companions throughout their lives.

How do Lace and Ribbons become the symbols of love?

Women used to put down her lace hankie as a signal if she likes a man and if the man takes it, then their feelings were considered as mutual. Love knot is considered as a well-known valentine symbol. Love knot denotes the love without beginning and end. Ribbons and ornaments are also used as symbols of Valentine’s Day from the knighthood days. It is said that the girls use to give the ribbons and ornaments to their beloved ones before they went to war. While fighting, these men used to keep these ribbons and ornaments with them.

Who is Cupid?

Cupid is the god of love and beauty and son of the Roman goddess Venus. It is strongly believed that when Cupid struck any people with his arrow, then they will fall in love. So the Cupid has been related with Valentine’s Day and became the most popular symbol of Valentine’s Day.

There are lots of valentine day symbols like laces, ribbons, roses, Cupids, decorated hearts etc. So celebrate your Valentine’s Day with all the beautiful symbols and have a good time.

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